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Found 2 results

  1. DHO! If you are buying something from Amazon, do DHO a favor and use these links below to start your navigation on Amazon.com. By doing so you help DHO collect advertising money from Amazon, and it costs you nothing! Below you will see some products that other dads have requested. Click on any of them to get started; DHO gets a small amount when you buy something - even if you don't purchase any of the items listed below! You can also access the Amazon affiliate links by clicking on the banner at the bottom of the forum from any page. This year we will be using Amazon Funds to fill the "Dad in Need" coffers - Money collected from the Amazon sales will be used to support a DHO Member that may be having trouble affording presents this year. The "Dad in Need" information and application is here. Thanks for your support, dads! By clicking the link FIRST and then getting the things you were already going to get on Amazon, you help support DHO with advertising dollars. It costs you nothing but a click, so we would greatly appreciate it. Just click one of these links - I know you need AA Batteries, AAA Batteries, a new HDMI Cable, or a 32g memory card - Don't need any of these? No worries, don't buy it, but DHO still gets a little bit of advertising revenue when you buy from Amazon when you start with one of DHO's links first. Looking for Video Games on Amazon? Want Fallout 76 this year? Support DHO at the same time! (Click the image!)
  2. Calling all Dads! For the last few weeks there has been vigorous work going on to improve your experience with DHO as a whole, the forums, and on Discord. You will see some more changes coming in the next few weeks - do not be alarmed! We will be taking away all the permissions (moderators, directors, etc) - please look to this post here if you wish to reinstate your moderator status. We will be combining many of the forum boards into larger more overarching boards - no posts are going to be deleted, just reorganized. We are going to have Discord mirror the Forum in layout and we are installing a system that will alert our Discord server when new posts on the forums are made! For those that love Discord, you will now be informed when something happens here, so you can keep up to date on all goings on! We will be asking all of you to start using the "Tags" function in your posts - a number of suggested tags are already uploaded into the system & more to come. Eventually the use of tags to start a post will become required. This helps the search tool and the forum organization We are developing a few new logos - voting on that to come soon. We are hoping to have a handful of logos depending on usage; something for merchandise (I want to be sporting a DHO hoodie, so I am working on that!) something a little more modern and a little cleaner - something that says modern dad. If you have feedback to any of the changes or any suggestions, start a post in the feedback section and tag it "feedback"! We welcome and encourage you to let us know what you like, what you hate, and most of all, what we can do better. Thanks! thedakar
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