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Found 2 results

  1. A new branch of heavy tanks is coming in the form of Czech tanks. Below you'll find the first video from WG showing off the initial look and designs of the tier VII - X tanks along with the tier VIII premium. I've also added information from Supertest for the tier VIII premium stats that have been released (as always, subject to change). Each of the top tier heavies in this branch (tier VIII - X) will give you the option of using a gun that is either a standard regular single shot gun, or a two round auto loader. Both with identical stats for DPM, caliber, gun depression, etc. The only difference being the auto loader vs single shot. https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-tanks/supertest-skoda-t-56-full-characteristics/
  2. I picked up this tank in order to complete the Czech portion of the Czech Holiday missions as the female crew you can earn would allow me to crew the Skoda T50 (a great tank that has been crewless in my garage for a long time). Overall, the Skoda T 27 is a good tank. Not a must have; it isn't OP and doesn't bring any new features or gameplay. Nobody is going to rage against its addition to the game...which I think is a good thing. Playstyle is very similar to the tech tree Czech IX and X tanks, and the crew layout is also the same. If you like those tanks, which are fun and competitive in random battles but not generally used in organized play, then the T 27 is basically perfect. Pros: Autoloading fun. Quick intraclip reload so you can get your 3 shots out in a short window (1.8 between shots, for comparison the Lorry is 2.5 seconds). Gameplay and crew layout match high tier tech tree counterparts. Cons: Surprisingly sluggish for a medium, my first battle I went to a medium tank position I often use but got caught out and destroyed without getting any damage. Reload is longer then you might expect for a clip with three 240 alpha shots. 202mm AP pen is fairly poor for tier 8 in WoT 2019. Not a Progetto. I was able to ace the tank on my 5th battle. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4986761#overlord-gpc_4-koda_t_27
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