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Found 11 results

  1. DHO-X Information and Guidelines [from the Welcome to DHO thread, http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/15588-welcome-to-dho-rules-discord-leadership/ ] DHO-X's mission is to assemble the community's one hundred most active, experienced, and skilled tankers to participate in organized, tier X game play. We play with a competitive yet casual spirit, and balance Clan Wars with our real life family responsibilities. Membership Guidelines: 1. Have one tier X that is commonly used in CW (see below). 2. Play WoT regularly; multiple times per week or 100+ battles. 3.
  2. Prime DHO-X Clan War Tanks If you want to be viable in essentially all of DHO-X CWs then you’ll need a fast heavy and an Object 140. 1. Fast Heavy: Object 277, WZ-111 model 5A. 2. Object 140. Situational/Map/Call/Specialist Tanks These tanks can be called on for a variety of reasons, but if you only have a few of these tanks expect to miss out on many CW battles. A few tankers may specialize in these tanks but it is expected that they be very proficient in their use and have great crews. If you want battles, get a fast heavy and Object 140 first. Light Tank
  3. DHO-X will be taking part in the next Clan Wars event which begins on Thursday, February 13. This is a short event, so the initial plan is to participate each day of the event, most likely with a landing battle at 10pm ET. If participation is high, a landing may also take place at 10:15pm ET. We will not be seeking a position on the Global Map. We will not be attempting to win gold for the clan. We will not be attempting to earn clan members a CW reward tank by accumulating fame points. At most, we will be working on our organized play skills and coordination...and hopefully getting the t
  4. Heya, I just put this on Discord: the new CW season starts tomorrow night! We'll make at least one landing (probably a couple)... however, since it's the start of the season and every province is a landing it's only about a 50/50 whether we see a fight or not.
  5. Hello tank monkeys. It has come to my attention that callers in CWs for DHO-X are in short supply. I volunteered to do some calling. I am new at this, but I am used to trying to get a bunch of monkeys to dance to my tune (Kids, grand kids, and I used to call raids in WoW). I ask that you hang with me as there is going to be growing pains. I did a little research and it seems our CW rating is a bit higher then to be expected with our average player skill (not calling anyone out just stating a fact). That shows me we have some good callers and most of the time you guys do a good job of focus fir
  6. This was my first CW Campaign and first experience with earning fame so I've been doing my best to learn. It's my understanding that if you played five battles during the CW Campaign you can spend the fame you earned on various rewards; camo, styles, bonds, credits, etc. A little guide for spending that fame..... Login to the WoT homepage and select Global Map under the Clans tab. On the Global Map, select the orange button thing. From this screen you can bid bonds on a CW reward tank (unless you earned a tank during the campaign) and spend your fam
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/FrailCrunchyBorkGivePLZ That is a 60 second clip demonstrating the absolute worst possible push you can make in the game of World of Tanks. Here are the steps to a proper push: 1) Tanks line up near each other. Typically side to side or close to it and not front to back (where tracking a lead tank can cause gridlock). This staging is very important. 2) Tanks all go the same direction. It is called a push for a reason. The W button should be the primary button used. 3) Tanks present so many targets that it is difficult for the enemy to
  8. Much to our surprise DHO3 CW team members put a whooping to a clan and went on to Victory in taking over their land. Which now means we need to defend this land if we intend to keep it. Be sure to be online tonight around 7:00 pm Eastern Time, to fend off anyone that might want to take it from us. Pat on the back for a great job to those that fought in the battles that got us here, You guys Rock
  9. I'll post to this thread to notify of any gold payouts DHO-X does. PM me if I ever screw up and miss you. The list is somewhat manually built, so yeah, human error. Data for play activity comes straight from the WoT website. TODO: Add payout rules when I feel like it.
  10. For officers looking at Clan Wars and wanting the mechanics boiled down, still a wall of text. Clan Wars Personnel: Who: CO, XO(s), PO(s) Can: Perform auction bid actions Purchase modules in a landing bid Raise province income Purchase, modify, disband, and relocate a division Change priority of players who can manage combat reserves (air/artillery strikes) Submit/cancel a landing application Establish/relocate HQ Access ‘restricted’ clan info on the Global Map Participate in battles Who: Combat Officers Can: Relocate a division Establish/relocate HQ Access ‘restricted’ clan info
  11. Forum posting for those replays we want to share/ discuss http://wotreplays.eu/site/2169855?secret=fbbeca20e5cfae8be5c98aecb8e2f8f0
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