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Found 3 results

  1. So, Saturday Showdowns are nothing new. Every weekend, WG gives us a base XP score to beat with a random tank. Generally speaking, the base XP score isn't that hard to beat. Though, the weeks that they do have a high base XP score, they generally double the rewards. So, the rewards... The rewards are quite decent actually. Beating the base XP score will net you the following: -500 Bonds or 500 Gold (these rewards rotate every other week) -3 Days of WoT Premium -1 x 100% Credit Booster (3 hours) -1 x 100% XP Booster (3 hours) -1 x 100% Crew XP Booster (3 hours) Every Tuesday or
  2. Starting on Monday November 12th, there is a new daily mission starting up. WG has put 60 Billion Credits and 65 Million Bonds up for grabs for the NA server. Once they've all been claimed or November 26th rolls around, the mission is over. Each day, every player can earn 175 Bonds and 175,000 Credits. To earn them, you just need to complete the following missions: Wins are NOT required. Top 10 in XP for 1, 10 & 15 battles. That's it! To keep track of how many Bonds and Credits are left to grab, you can check WG's article which will keep tabs on what is left. Link
  3. so looks like on the eu server the next clan wars Event you win bonds based on fame points but can indeed exchange them for reward tanks ( even bonds prior to the event ), perhaps this could be a sign for things to come on the Na server? doubt it , certainly not. Why do i play on the Na server..... https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/global-map-arms-race/ Vehicles for bonds: Some players will be able to exchange bonds for one of the three Tier X vehicles that were previously available. In this case, all currently available bonds can be used (not just bonds that were ea
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