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Found 6 results

  1. In case you don't check the WoT news often... or Discord. WoT is having a sale. Not just a normal sale. Each item will be limited in quantity and limited in time. Most importantly, premium tier VIII tanks will be available for CREDITS! Yes, you read that right... not Gold, but CREDITS! Some are supposed to be rare. I'm not sure how many or which ones, but the first one to go on sale on EU was the M 41 90 GF for 5,000,000 credits. I can't recall a time where they've ever sold tier VIII premium tanks for in-game credits. The sale starts tonight and goes for 7 days. A sale that might ac
  2. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/b/xbox-deals?icid=deals-page_CP_Nav3_xboxdeals
  3. I Picked up some equipment and the Skoda T-40 on this sale. Pretty boring stuff I got. What did you guys buy for yourselves. Anybody splurg on the Super War Chest or Lorr 40t Ultimate? Come on and admit it, you all want it.
  4. Just for fun, got these unlocked and with the discounts which would you choose? T110E4 Grille 15 JgPz E100 IS7 IS4 Centurion I AMX 13 90 Ferdinand T-34-2 O Ni Also, looking to pick up one of these premiums, which one? T-54 Mod1 M4A1 Revalorise Lorraine 40 t Patton KR (only cause, special offer)
  5. Hey folks! Meant to post this the other day and forgot about it... Costco (Canada at least) is have a sale on it's Digital Code for 12 Months of Xbox Live Gold. It's currently discounted to $44.99. The sale ends on Dec 31, 2016. Get it while it's cheap... providing you have a Costco sub. http://m.costco.ca/12-Month-Xbox-Live-Gold-Membership-%E2%80%93-Digital-download.product.100286244.html
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