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  1. Tips for Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall, Part Six Here we go with the week 5 operations for Operation: Nightfall, season 1. Let’s jump in. Free Operation – Week 5 1.) Initiate 16 laptop hacks – can be done in Terrorist Hunt solo or in public contracts. You do not have to finish the laptop hack and win the game, just be the person who initiates the hack. Obviously much easier in solo but if you communicate and your team is nice, can be easily done in public contracts as well. 2.) Locate and acquire 16 intel folders – can be done in Terrorist Hu
  2. Tips for Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall, Part Five Here we go with the week 4 operations for Operation: Nightfall, season 1. Let’s just jump in. Free Operation – Week 4 1.) Eliminate 4 players using any sidearm with the reflex sight attached – must be done in public contracts. As I previously went over in task 3 of the free operation for week 1, it is very hard to get kills with the pistol. Higher level players with access to the high damage sidearms will have an easier time, but this is still a very difficult challenge. You can find my blog for week 1 he
  3. Tips for Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall, Part Seven Here we go with the week 6 operations for Operation: Nightfall, season 1. Let’s jump in. Free Operation – Week 6 1.) Eliminate 4 players with a headshot using the holo sight attachment – must be done in the public contracts. The holo sight attachment is the primary sight 2 attachment. Unlocked at level 16. Just remember to equip this sight attachment and play some public contracts. 2.) Eliminate 2 players by blind-firing – must be done in the public contracts. This task is not very sensitive becaus
  4. I've seen a lot of lists of tips and while some are key, I thought I would do my own because even watching videos of 50 tips for RDR2, they still didn't touch on things I would have. Constantly bond with your horse - this one is discussed in many, but it is pretty key. Click in the left thumbstick about every 5 seconds as you ride around to praise your horse. This will easily increase your bond with him. Feeding him does as well. At twenty five cents a shot, hay is the best meal per bang for your buck for your horse. Wild carrots are a close second since they are free, you just have to
  5. Here are the free games for subscribers to PS Plus, available starting December 4, 2018. SOMA - PS4 Onrush - PS4 Steredenn - PS3 Steinsgate - PS3 Ironoclasts - PS Vita (and PS4) Papers, Please - PS Vita
  6. I saw TagBackTV on YouTube stick dynamite to a safe and he tells you how to do it, but rather than watch the video, I tried to just Google it. No one out there discloses how to stick dynamite to a safe or wall, and videos on "how to use dynamite" just show people throwing sticks of dynamite. So if nothing else, this will bring people to DHO. Haha. To stick dynamite, you just have to hit the RT. If you aim in (holding down LT) and hit RT you will throw the dynamite. Now, TagBackTV does say you have to light the dynamite and then stick it, but I'm here to tell you that is not the case. You
  7. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I'm late to this party, but I'm hooked on Destiny 2. Anyone still playing this. I'm on PS. Post up your gamertag and system if you are still playing and I'll keep a running tally here. Maybe more will join with the new expansion, Forsaken, coming in September. Xbox SGrant7 Playstation Aftrthought051 ColonelSandals Conscious_Hero DegenerateSniper Dentonator MagmaFlow Perra-Pedal phoenix1362 PC
  8. Here are the free games coming in October for PS Plus members. Available 10/2. PS4 Friday the 13th, The Game Laser League PS3 Master Reboot The Bridge (Cross Buy with PS4 and PS Vita) PS VITA Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (Cross Buy with PS4) 2064 Read Only Memories (Cross Buy with PS4)
  9. Right now the premium pass for Battlefield 1 is free till September 18. I know the game is only $6 on Xbox and Playstation right now, so even if you ever think you might own this game, better to get a placeholder on this pass now then miss this great opportunity. $50 value.
  10. I'll highlight going forward since we already did the update and Forsaken has released: Sept. 14th - Raid: Last Wish Sept. 18th - Iron Banner returns, new Crucible map: The Convergence Sept. 25th - new Crucible mode: Breakthrough, new Crucible maps live October - Festival of the Lost returns.....with a twist December 2018 (Free Seasonal Update) Season of the Forge - Return of Heavy Machineguns, new weapons, new crucible content, Iron Banner, gameplay updates, seasonal ranks Event: The Dawning December2018 (Annual Pass content) Black Armory - Discover
  11. So with the popularity of Fortnite, everyone is jumping on the Battle Royale game mode. I know Battlefield is putting their spin on it with BFV, and now CoD: Black Ops 4 has jumped into the fray. The good news to me though is that no matter where you sit on the fence, it will ultimately mean more content in games. Maybe you don't like it, but there are always game modes that people don't like and do like. Having more variety is not a bad thing in my opinion.
  12. So it looks like Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is headed to the PS4 in the Western hemisphere come 2019. Pretty cool news. I've always wanted to play EDF, and I hear the Vita one is actually pretty good which it's not like the Vita has a ton of great games. EDF is suppose to be just mindless fun though. A great co-op game with friends and has a kind of cult following. So any dads that are interested, this is pretty great.
  13. You can go download Destiny 2 today which is one of the free games for PS4 for Sept. If you like it, right now, both the previous expansion packs are on sale. I'm not sure how much, but usually they are $10 each while on sale. That's a great deal to go with a free game and hours upon hours of game time. PS4 Destiny 2 God of War III PS3 Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition (playable on PS4) Q.U.B.E. - Director's Cut (playable on PS4) PS VITA Sparkle 2 (playable on PS4) Foul Play (playable on PS4)
  14. Here's the latest New York City open world trailer for Spiderman.
  15. A new event is now live called Solstice of Heroes, but only on PS4. This event is open to all Destiny players, regardless of expansions purchased. This goes from today to August 28th. It is a chance to earn exotic gear and make your way up to 400 Light Power before the drop of the newest expansion, Forsaken, in September. It's all about completing challenges and finishing remixed missions, but mostly it's the challenges. So look for those challenges and get leveled up.
  16. So this is coming out August 28th and they got me really intrigued with their description of "scripted like an episode of Black Mirror". I love my PS VR and this might have to be my next purchase, but gonna wait till I hear some reviews and thoughts on it. Might just be all hype train.
  17. Supermassive games has announced they are planning out an anthology of horror games for the PS4. Supermassive games are the studio that brought you Until Dawn and The Inpatient. They have brainstormed thirty-nine (39!!!) horror sub-genres they would like to do. The first of which will be Man of Medan in 2019. It's a group of 4 that start in the South Pacific looking for some old WWII wreckage. As the day unfolds and a storm rolls in, they find themselves on a ghost ship. With the outcome adjustable from no one dying to just about everyone dying, Supermassive is promising replayability. Not sur
  18. Hey dads, if you've been on Discord, and judging by the attendance, you haven't, we are trying to have a game night tonight and tomorrow night in the FREE Fortnite Battle Royal game mode. This is a free for all game mode like PUBG or Hunger Games or Battle Royal. I'll be heading up the one tonight around 8 CST. I have it downloaded on both my Xbox and PS4, so just gonna depend where we get the most participation. Magma is going to run tomorrow night's Fortnite which I will be there for, but I'm just going to be late, probably not till around 10 CST for me. I think Magma is doing it on PS4, but
  19. Here are the free games coming to the Playstation and Vita for the month of May 2017. Tales from the Borderlands, PS4 Abzu, PS4 Blood Knights, PS3 Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, PS3 Laser Disco Defenders, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) Type:Rider, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)
  20. Here are the free games coming to Playstation Plus for the month of April PS4 Drawn to Death - (launches April 4th, and will be free when it launches for PS+ members) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime PS3 Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Alien Rage - Extended Edition PS Vita 10 Second Ninja Curses n' Chaos
  21. Check the most recent post for the latest dad PSN ID, or look under the game you specifically want to play with fellow DHO dads for "Dads playing...(your game title here)". This will list the PSN ID of dads playing this game.
  22. Here are the free games that you can download this Tuesday if you have PS Plus. Everybody’s Gone to Rapture, PS4 The Deadly Tower of Monsters, PS4 Dirt 3, PS3 Costume Quest 2, PS3 Letter Quest Remastered, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4) Pumped BMX+, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4 and PS3) I've heard that Everybody's Gone to Rapture is a good game that you should play once, but after trying to play Gone Home, I really don't have much desire to "experience" this. Maybe one day when I'm bored. Costume Quest 2 is great, but I don't even have my PS3 hooked up anymore. Wish it was
  23. Here are the free games coming for Playstation Plus subscribers for October 2016: PS4 Resident Evil Transformers Devastation PS3 Mad Riders From Dust PS VITA Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth Actual Sunlight WOW!! I can't believe the PS4 games. I never heard of the PS3 or PS Vita ones, but I could really care less. I almost pulled the trigger on the remastered Resident Evil when it was on sale several times, and ditto for Transformers Devastation. I had rented it and had a blast as it is a true homage to the original G1 Transformers. So
  24. Here are the free games for the month of June 2016: PS4 NBA 2K16 Gone Home: Console Edition PS3 Echochrome Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12) PS Vita God of War: Chains of Olympus Little Deviants Man, I need to get on the ball and finish GoW: Ghosts of Sparta. This is awesome! I'm glad I have a Vita now. Great games. Echochrome is a fun puzzle game on PS3. I had bought that a while back, and really enjoyed it. Maybe we should do another basketball game night. I don't play sports games, and I know others don't either, so we can be terrible tog
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