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Found 4 results

  1. Please post here if you would like an invite to one of our WoT clans. You are only eligible to receive an invite once you have made an introduction post here: Click Here
  2. Welcome to DHO We're glad you chose to join us and we look forward to having your input. If there is anything we can do to help make your time here more enjoyable please let us know. Please ensure you meet our basic requirements for membership. 1. Be a Dad. A dad is any male who has a child that they care for. You could be a dad with step-children, or just a dad because you are in a relationship with someone who has children. Any and all are welcome. 2. One tanker, one account, one clan. A single WoT account can join a DHO clan. The owner of the account is expe
  3. You may have seen that I stated how we have a DHO discord server. Well, there is also an official DHO WoT discord server just for you tankers. T3 IS STILL OUR OFFICIAL VOICE COMMS SERVER. BUT..discord has some great chat functions as well as mobile apps. You can get alerted when someone mentions a specific game, or tank division for us, and mute others. There is some good functionality to this as we are not always online, but might want to know what is going on, or let our troops know what is happening. If you haven't signed up, I really hope you do and try it out. Also download th
  4. DHO http://na.wargaming....ans/1000000051/ CO: justMethuselah. XO: Antijin cavguy68, rewguy79, Sib78 Combat: Pelfaid. DHO2 http://na.wargaming....ans/1000000895/ CO: Sixman_Up. XO: Galjin, Kontrole. Combat: 9 officers...I'm not tracking that. DHO3 http://na.wargaming....ans/1000001455/ CO: therriman. XO: arch1327, CSMPain, mantoya, Mokiete, Sgt_Supply990, villd, Viper_Six. Combat: Gary_Doucette, Harbinger_Of_Defeat, Ryan_NooB, Sgt_Moriarty, sirslaughterhouse, visualrcracker. DHO4 http://na.wargaming....ans/1000007721/ CO: Mykk. XO: Ayle
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