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  1. This says Tier 5 but disc and the google doc say Tier 6
  2. You guys got any of them... Invites? Returning tanker after 4+ years away. Mostly a T6-T8 player but I do have a couple T10s. When I started playing again (3 days ago) the clan I was in is no longer active. I was a battle caller for skirmishes, stronghold, and global map battles. Light tanks are my go to but I do enjoy mediums and TDs.
  3. Dad of two here. 1yo and 6yo. Baby mama is a bit nuts but she keeps me on my toes and only complains about me gaming about every other week. I haul heavy equipment for a living but have been home for the past year working part time moving equipment around. I spend most of my free time on PC games. Decided to quit WoW again... for the 5th time. Jumping back into some WoT. I also have a massive steam library and depending whos on usually determines what im playing. Just looking for a group to play with that wont get bent out of shape from the occasional kid noise in the background.
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