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  1. Hey folks. Just reinstalled WoT on Steam, so starting out fresh with a new IGN: SinkingNemo. 5+ years ago I was an officer in VPG as _mg_. Will take me a while to get back up to higher tiers, so any help platooning through the grind would be great! Will participate in anything, any chance I get! Cheers.
  2. Howdy. _mg_ here. I'm a longtime WoT enthusiast, but have played very sporadically since my son was born. He's about to turn 6. I live in the S.F burbs now, but was raised in the burbs of NY. I reinstalled WoT on Steam, so I have a new IGN, SinkingNemo (from WoWW). Shout out to @xtc4 and any other ex-VPGers! I also like story based FPS RPGs, like Tomb Raider, Assassins' Creed, Metro, Wolfenstein, etc.
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