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  1. excellent writeup!! well done. a few questions if you dont mind. if i get defenders to six stars, will it be difficult to beat DD1 with them? should i just focus on another team? the defenders seem so subpar in all game modes. I can punch up with my asgardians and beat defender teams literally twice my power. my defender team loses to everything in arena and cant do much in raids cause one or two of them always gets knocked out. im level 63, my main team is asgardians. they range from 3-5 stars. my shield team is 3-4 stars, my aim team is 2-3 stars, my defenders are 3-6 stars. from your write up, you seem to heavily recommend defenders. should i just spend all my resources on my defenders? i just love my asgardians though. i can maintain top 50 in arena with my asgardians. i can also clear the raid levels my alliance attempts decently due to the asgardians sustainability. i can see how increasing stars on them are tough though. any recommendations? can i ask another question? i have a supernatural complete team ranging from 3-5 stars but i only leveled up ghost rider atm and kept everyone else level1. it is an amazing team in blitz and can handle itself up until tier 9. ghost rider basically blasts the other team when the weak supernaturals die around him and gets so much free damage that he can easily take out guys twice his power level, especially if they one guy on the opponent team has an aoe and kills all of ghostriders allies in one shot. is that a good idea? or should i try to keep all members of my blitz teams all around the same power? i also have a similar team with taskmaster. hes leveled up and all his merc teammates are not. thanks in advance!
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