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  1. Well, there are some interesting tanks in the premium shop this weekend, including the Obj 703 V II (tier 8 double barrel) and the VK 7501. Hmmm.... https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wot/specials/
  2. I'm liking the ten days of free premium. Making the grind for the Obj 277 a bit easier.
  3. .... and accepted! Great to be back!
  4. Hi guys. I'm Steve. I am 55, widowed with 3 grown children. I am recovering from open heart surgery in April 2020, and have been playing WoT more and more each week. Have spent the better part of the last few years spinning my wheels with this game, playing primarily British tanks. Just dropped tags from a social clan who hardly have any members on to platoon with. While I continue to play my British tanks (just fully upgraded my Conqueror and grinding to the Super Conqueror), I have also decided to go after the Obj 277 and Obj 140. Anyway, looking for a permanent place to call home, platoon, have fun and maybe play some clan wars down the road.
  5. Accepted my clan invite this morning. The clan logo looks awesome on my tanks!!! Thanks guys. Glad to be here.
  6. Hiya xtc4... I remember both you and bad animal. Glad to see you guys here. Can’t wait to get my tags and get started. Grinding up to both the Object 140 and Object 277... just in case. Who knows what the future holds.
  7. Hi. My name is Steve. I am 55 (as of yesterday) with 3 grown children. My youngest is 26. I have played tanks for a while. Spent time in a solid clan, VPG, and now I’m the exec-officer in a social clan. Gonna be dropping tags tomorrow, so I’m looking for a new home and new challenges. Hopefully I can get a spot in a DHO clan. Working on getting my first tier 10. Anyway, great to be here.
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