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  1. I love my -2 and T71 DA, I look forward to going over your links to improve my game. Seems like my -2 has been nerfed since I last played?
  2. Hello all. Looking to join up with some other dads who understand the balance of RL with gaming and the fun and relaxation that comes with. I have returned to WoT after many years away and love putting my TierX SPG and TD to work. All three of my boys are into PC gaming, so now I feel its OK to spend time on it as they are.I think your concept here is great and I'm very appreciative of it.
  3. Hi all i'm PHiddy and looking for a clan for WoT to help get me back into the game. Its been 4ish years, maybe more since I really have spent much time in the game. I hate soloing in this game an would appreciate peeps that play for fun and use voice chat. I am a father of three great boys base in Northern Kentucky. Don't hold it against me but I'm originally from California. During the winter months its all about Ice Hockey for my family. My boys all play and I help coach/board member. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you, if not many. I am naturally an introvert, so
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