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  1. Gigachip


    Just free xp'd my way to the Tier 9. So far its fun
  2. Surprised you didn't like the Tiger II, I liked the Tiger I, would assume the II was just as good or better than the I. Was going to go down the path for the E100 myself. Stopped at the Tiger I after I unlocked the Tiger II but tempted to go finish it.
  3. really 😅 I was shocked too, I got in trouble with the wife earlier this year because she said I played too much. Recently I got back into it, logged most of my games these past 2 months. Here to stay though 😎
  4. I think, if anything, it would be to play tanks more. I only logged about 180 games this year of 2019.
  5. If that is the case, I think the normal DHO would be something that I'm after. I love Tier X, but in progress of obtaining new tanks. Thank you
  6. Hello, Currently looking to hopefully get myself into the group in WoT. Play schedule is mixed, I can and sometimes can't use mic. May randomly have to leave "newborn of 1m" but normally trying to get back into tanks. There room for me anywhere? Looking for group to play with and friends who can help watch eachothers back in game. 🙂
  7. Howdy Everyone! First off, my name is Justin. Also known as Gigachip through other multiple services. I'm 29 (soon to be 30) next year, father of 2 (boy 4yrs, daughter 1month). I saw this clan on the WoT forums, saw that it was full of dads. Thought it'd be cool to be around other dads while gaming. I do play other games on other systems too. My main job/career is that of a photographer. Which I do dip into YouTube and streaming occasionally too. Nice to meet y'all.
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