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  1. Hi all, Father of 3, all adults now, got some time to spend on increasing my WoT skills. Mostly Tier 6 and (slightly) upwards. Would love teaming with you guys. Can play 1-2 times a week. Best, vlava
  2. Hi all, Dad of 3 kids, all adults now. Got some time to play and would love to have some fellows tankers to play with from time to time. Usually free 1-2 nights a week. Playing mostly Tier 6 and (slightly) above. May be you have spot in one of your DHO clan. Have a great weekend, best, vlava
  3. Hi all, I am a Dad of 3 kids, all 3 adults. Looking for a clan to perfect my WoT skills. Playing mostly Tier 6 and above. Time to play 1-2 nights a week, I need to take care of my lovely wife also. Looking forward to get in touch with you. Best, vlava
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