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  1. Grew up in Minnesota, met the wife in Kansas during my University days. Ended up joining the Army as a 92Y, Unit Supply Specialist for Stryker infantry units. 16 month trip to Iraq/Kuwait was interesting. Now settled down with two kids in the rural heartland. I play WoT and Warships pretty much exclusively. WoT grabbed me in 2013 and i have played off and on since. Warships became my primary love when i was able to get another gaming capable PC again 4 years ago. I found this group on the WoT clan recruitment forums because i want to learn the game better so i stand a better chance of helping my teams win in random battles and possibly help the clan with clan events like clan wars. I have nearly all tier X's in warships but i'm waaaaaaaaay behind in WoT. Right now my highest tier tank is the Leapord PT A. I really enjoy sneaky mobile tanks with good guns.
  2. Looking for an invite to kick some tanks with some good folks. Intro post has been made. Thanks.
  3. I'm MackDye a bad bum OIF veteran turned Mr. Mom. I take care of my son and love to rip it up in WoT and Warships. I'm looking for some good folks to platoon with in tanks and help me git gud.
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