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  1. Yeah man! I'd say over half still work as of 7pm Saturday
  2. I always get flags... I've seen maybe 6 or 8 in 4 years
  3. Such a cool ship. A dear friend from college used to be the education director at the Battleship Texas museum. I worked as a lead docent at the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston while in college. Great history!
  4. Super excited to be here. I posted an intro in the Introduce Yourself #6 thread!
  5. Greetings fellow dads! My name is Max. I work in talent development for an insurance company in Tampa, Florida. I'm a father of 2 (an 11yo girl and 5yo boy) that has been looking for a solid gaming home for a long time. Like many dads, my time for guilds, hardcore raiding, and the like was severely curtailed when I married my wife and became a step parent to my daughter. Throw in a second child a few years later and my gaming time ground to a halt for a few years. As the kids have gotten a little older, some time has opened up for me to reconnect with the activities that I enjoy. I'm looking to you, fellow dads, for a bit of community, a group of fun people to play World of Warships with, and an occasional place to get some advice as my daughter hurtles into her teen years. Basically, thanks for having me. Thanks for creating a community for us to unite around. Thanks for being kick-bum dads! Best, Max
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