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  1. LOL when I'm having an anxiety attack its just like the red, but when its all good I'm green. I Should take a screenshot and show my PTSD Psychologist : ) . She might be able to explain it in more detail. I Needed this laugh thank you Tracer001
  2. Hey Guys, Brand new here as of this evening. I made my intro post on the welcome or intro thread. I was wondering what is the process for getting into platoons etc? I run WOT every night or every 2 nights a week usually for about an hour. I am interested in organized play and also to meet some members and toon if able. My WOT handle is Tracer001, feel free to add friend. My WOT is on most of the time so if I dont respond it just means Im not at my pc. I have about 8 tier 10s and can play any other tier. Current hard grind it British Heavy T8 Caern, half way done. Do you guys use a teamspeak server? Thanks for any advice Tracer001
  3. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm a 55 YO gamer, ex military and I'll be honest and say I am suffering from PTSD which is part of the reason I reached out to thedakar and DHO. I wanted to contact you guys a while ago but was too afraid too, hell some days I am too afraid to go outside, hard to explain. But I ran a platoon with Vettish the other night and he encouraged me to and I think I'm at the right place to do that. Its been a great experience so far. I have been searching hard for a group of gamers who game and deal with real life together. I was being onboarded to a popular WOT clan, but I stopped it when I heard how they were on voice chat, I don't want to game with 12 year olds. I found DHO and I watched some vids and read the forums and instantly had a great feel for the group and who you guys are. Real issues were talked about good and bad as well as game stuff and I just got a really good vibe. I'm looking for the whole experience not just someone to toon with. Get support, offer support etc. Ok enough of the serious stuff LOL Games I'm currently running are World of Tanks and DCS mainly. I also play WOWS, The Forest, Arma3, Steel Beasts (real tank sim), state of decay, American Truck Sim. I try to play WOT about an hour every night or so, not a lot of time during the evening. I am open to joining organized play as well. I have about 8 Tier 10 tanks and am grinding the Caern hard to get the Super Conq. I Would love to run platoons if anyone is interested. Not sure how to find anyone who plays WOT as I only have Vettish on my friends list. If you see me online but don't reply dont take it personal it just means my game is open but Im AFK, I just leave WOT on most of the time. Not sure what else to say other than I look forward to gaming and chatting with you guys. I may be a little shy but again, its the PTSD so don't take anything personal. I don't rage I tend to withdraw and IRL have very bad anxiety. I just figure this is a safe way to get out of my house in a cyber way : ). Thanks guys and I hope go game with you soon Tracer001 (Brian)
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