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  1. marshalmatt

    New Tank - TS-5 - Premium Tier VIII US TD

    I like the T28. I even liked it before the buffs! Of course it's nowhere near as awesome as the T95. 🙂
  2. marshalmatt

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Lol. I love dank memes...I think? Will do.
  3. Helps make up for those times someone's screaming about what an incompetent moron you are in battle. (Not that I normally care, but every once in a while I have to scratch my head and wonder, "gee, am I really screwing this up?")
  4. marshalmatt

    Belated "Welcome" to:

    Thanks! Just accepted the invite.
  5. marshalmatt

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Sounds good. (I'm often not on until around 10:00 anyway, so that would work for me.)
  6. marshalmatt

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Will do. I have Discord but have never used it for voice comms. I'll figure it out. In my haste to apply I missed the distinction among clans. As a matter of first impression it sounds like DHO may be the right fit, but maybe I could swing by the server, platoon a little, talk to some of you, then let you know? Or maybe just join DHO and then see what DHO-X is about?
  7. marshalmatt

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hi guys. I'm looking for an invite. (I'm happy to pop by on Teamspeak and hang out for a while first, if you prefer.) I made my introduction post. Its seemed strange to get too deep into WOT-specific stuff in the general introduction, so here's a little more about me from that perspective. I've been playing WOT for nearly seven years. I've been in at least six clans, including two Reddit-family clans. WOT is probably my main hobby at this point. I'm half-decent (depending on your standards, of course), and actively trying to improve. I sometimes play longer than good sense would dictate, and I've been known to get a little salty when things go badly for a while---especially if I'm getting clicked. But all-in-all I'm pretty easy-going. Since grinding alone is kind of sad and lonely, I'm looking for pleasant people I have something in common with, who'd like to hang out and maybe platoon occasionally, and who try to do well but aren't looking to develop into serious competitive team players. I don't need a lot of obligations or expectations; I have plenty of those in my life. One issue I've had with some previous clans is that I don't have that much in common with college freshman anime fanatics who can't stop talking about their dank memes. (It took me a while to figure out what a meme is, and I'm still not sure what makes one dank.) 🙂 Another is that they ended up being taken over by the element that wanted to get into competitive team play on a serious basis. It doesn't sound like either of those are likely to be issue in the DHO clans. https://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/marshalmatt/1002128913/
  8. marshalmatt

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Hi guys. I just came across this site in the clan recruitment thread on the World of Tanks main forum. I'm between clans at the moment and have been looking for a new clan that fits me. I saw the thread and thought this sounds like a place where I might fit in, so here I am. I'm a dad X 5 (ages 7-22), in my late 40s. I spent several years in the Marine Corps long ago. Now I work for a nonprofit in the DC area. Aside from WOT I enjoy watching Marvel shows on Netflix, Game of Thrones, West World, True Detective, Man in the High Castle, etc. I was into blacksmithing as a hobby for a number of years and would like to get back to it, but my current living arrangements aren't well suited to such a noisy pastime. I'm a very casual football fan, as in I watch a handful of games a year, and keep up--not very closely--with a few teams.