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  1. yea if you look at his clan history the first one was joined in 2012, so had to be free xp
  2. grind right now is the oh ni, is, and black price
  3. my e25 can do that to a point...but then my camo is over 1000 with the advanced camo boost...without the boost it cant
  4. the heavies i see go there are the really slow ones usually the super heavies (but the nice thing about being there is you get nice side shots)....but still get a lot of meds in there
  5. the 7/8 line if you perch on right side gives you really good angles to 0 line and good shots into and between buildings on the 5/6 line.....sniper heaven with a accurate td
  6. i actually like this map..and yea i hate the 0 line so never go there....med and heavy i go to 1-3 line. td i like the 7,8 line for the initial push toward us then i move up to the mounds and shoot away
  7. boxes ....defender, e25, kv-220-2, m4 improved, lefh, tuan free and missions....valentine ii, t14, mka, L60, churchhill iii, gold bought......t34-85m, type 64, centurion mk 5/1, all in the last month set up my discounts for the rest of the heavy russian line and the 6 and under discounts for the german td line still have about 13k gold left and a bunch of empty garage slots all in all was a very good month 😛
  8. yea this is the map that i really havent figured out where to go with results
  9. i was wrong on the other post if my heavy has crap turret depression i go 3/4 line....i usually do pretty good unless the other team breaks through anywhere eastward and come from behind...but yea a heavy should not go 1/2 line.
  10. if im in a russian heavy tank i always go 2 line. cant really see going east because of of the crap gun depression.
  11. apparently theres a new launcher...if your still using the old one the update says theres a fatal error. i guess wg doesnt know how to update its own launchers http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/592690-psa-new-launcher/
  12. can this old man get a invite 😁
  13. greetings all 50 yr father of 2 (24 yr boy, 9 yr girl)....been a wot player passively for almost 4 years....just started to hard grind for a change in the last couple months but of course cant get others to play it (they feel its to grindy)..dont know if it matters but im only tier 6 tanks (redid tank lines cause i didnt like the tanks so never got any farther) my main 4 lines are ussr (about to pop my first tier 7)/japan/british/usa....i prefer heavy and some med wot name is circeseye
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