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  1. Major glory will be here tonight (Monday)
  2. Heya am trying this route. I play a lot, usually early Saturday and Sunday mornings and then most weekday afternoons and evenings - but not for hours on end. I gotta fit them in around family time. I got a boy and a girl, one in elementary and the other the first year in HS. They do some gaming on-line but not the same as me! I play WOT on PC and that is my main game with my freetime. Looking for a clan that does stongholds, advances, and some CW could be cool. I don't worked up and my main goal it to have fun and let off steam. So I am looking to join up. My game name in WOT is MajorGlory and happened to be on a team with one of your guys and we talked some. Thanks for considering me.
  3. Hey all. Hi there and yes I am new here. I am (like I guess all of you) a dad - with 2 school age kids. I am an avid WOT player, and my kids play some on line games too but not the same ones. I am looking to join a clan as I like to platoon and am on CST. I like gaming but family does come first. I guess that's it for now and I will see where this leads. Hello again.
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