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  1. talon04

    2019 Goals?

    Pay off my debt, be a better dad to my girls, lose some weight and fish more kayak tournaments this year.
  2. talon04

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    I'd like to request an invite, I'm coming back from a very extended break and I'm able to be on several nights a week. Would love to be able to platoon and such. I think my cooldown will be over tomorrow
  3. talon04

    Welcome talon04 to DHO!

    We just got our PS4 this last week so we are kinda limited on games though RDR2 is on my list for sure.
  4. talon04

    Welcome talon04 to DHO!

    I bass fish myself from a kayak, I'm in Kansas so pretty far from salt water 😄
  5. talon04

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Hello all, I'm Chris the father of two girls, (8 and 11) I'm sorely lacking in male contact as I'm the only guy in the house! I'm active in World of Tanks and various other online games as well as being an Avid outdoorsman. Can't wait to get to know you all.
  6. talon04

    Welcome talon04 to DHO!

    Hello everyone, I'm Chris and I'm a father of two girls, I've been an avid online gamer for quite a while with PC and Playstation being my primary platforms. Otherwise I'm an avid outdoorsman who loves to fish when I'm not dealing with the hectic schedule of helping to run a Girl scout troop for my daughters. I'm primarily looking for a new clan In World of Tanks though I'd love to find a place to talk fishing and any other games.