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    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Cool, I'm keeping an eye out for that invite
  2. _Major_Tomato

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hi I'm Tom, love to play WOT on PC. I'm the father of one 11 year old boy. Don't know anything about clans but figure its time to try it out. Right now I mostly play Tiers 4-7... I have a couple of Tier 8's can't say I play them well, and no Tier X. I work 9-5 and I'm in the central time zone so I'm looking for some peeps who will play around 7-10PM CST on weeknights, I have a little more flexibility on weekends. You can check my stats as _Major_Tomato on any WOT stats site. I guess let me know if I'm a fit for one of your clans, thanks!