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  1. Im with grimm on this one Callers are a special kind And gosh dammit i really tought i had my 5 battles...next time i guess...
  2. Yes and this is really nice for those like who play like 3 or 4 games a night
  3. I keep my FE cause i tend to not fix my fuel tanks because you never when youll really need that repair kit.
  4. Made in ...is the style you pay 75k but for gold like 350 or something
  5. Im fine with the changes as i buy a year at 50% every time the wasted stuff ppl complain about doesnt bother me that much with the added x3 and the cost per hour it cost me in the end. Also platoon changes are really cool its gonna be worth it more to platoon even it you grind hard
  6. Tiger 131 ...27% i love that tank but gosh life wont let me play it Strv m42 30% same case M46 patton 31% like why i had 60% in the pershing? M56 scorpion 33% how do you pay this Fcm 50t 37% one word YOLO Kv2 R 42% add R remove 20% Obj 140 47% 15% less than my t62 wtf OP T26e5...35% again YOLO
  7. 2 Pz 28H its filthy 3 fcm pak40 because carry hard 4 m8a1 t67 is too mainsteam 5 churchill 3 because russia 6 Hellcat...67% 7 panther/m10 65% 8 spagetto 46 68% 9 t-54 soon 257
  8. Actualy i see the oposite so often its annoying
  9. Diy the hell out of that case I did that with an old antec 200 and adding fans front and back will help your temps a lot. Also a good clean and termal paste on your gpu may* help too.
  10. My emergency laptop dell n5110 with a crazy fast i5 2540m now runs at avg 30 fps on igpu. As for the main rig it seems like the game uses my i7 3770 more equaly but my 1060 underclock is still the bottleneck so stuck at around 120 fps all maxed out 1080p but it changes a lot with the maps.FL are 90 fps avg.
  11. I feel ya have fun with other games.
  12. 860s are one of the most reliable ssd on the market and you cant have too mch space with the newer game so id go with the 1st choice. As for the gpu...as long as it plays to game you want i dont see a problem a 970 is a good card.
  13. I really wish i could but i got sort straw on early shift 😞 got to be up at 4am)
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