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  1. In case anyone's missed it, they're bringing in subs for the Halloween event this year. Now, Halloween is a time for WG to go out there and do some crazy stuff, but apparently this is also a test run for introducing subs into the regular game later next year. As usual, there are plenty of folks crying "the end is nigh", but it looks interesting. Depending on what the final form ends up being, of course. Having a 5th ship type certainly changes up some of the dynamics of the game. Anyway, here's one of the vids floating around. Any thoughts? Youtube link because I can't figure out how to embed in here before I have to go to work...
  2. Fair point on the fighter designation! I was just going off what I've seen/heard - so if folks refer to both type of craft as "fighters" it might get confusing over time. I'm absolutely horrible at CV play now, so I'm very interested in seeing what this will look like in the final form too.
  3. Killer Avocado


    It's a very good DD. It has good stealth. The torps are very nice - they're fast, they have good 8 km range, they're hard to detect, and they reload insanely fast for being 2x4 tubes. The guns... well... they're okay. You can out shoot pretty much any other dedicated torp DD. The AP isn't up to the rest of the German line (but if you catch an enemy DD broadside you can do stupid damage because of the lack of penetration on the AP). The guns don't turn fast, don't reload particularly quick, and they're a far cry from the 150's (or even the 128's) you get on the silver line. But, they'll do in a pinch and you're not a defenseless IJN torp boat. The rest of the stats are solidly "okay" - which is to say she doesn't have many weaknesses. And that's really the key - it's a great torp boat without the shortcomings of a torp boat, which makes it overall really, really good.
  4. We got one of the blutooth wand versions on sale off Amazon after seeing a YouTube video and yeah... it's bloody amazing. Best seafood I've ever had, and we pre-cooked some butterflied chicken breasts which were then cubed and then added to a casserole. So far we've done salmon filets (they literally fall apart taking them out of the bag), shrimp, scallops, and chicken breast. Best damned cooking gadget I've ever bought.
  5. Yeah, the US really shafts its employees on PTO (paid time off). I get 10 days of vacation and 5 floating holidays (though Thanksgiving day and Christmas day are locked in every year). I believe it goes to 15 vacation days at 5 (?) years, and eventually up to 20 days after... awhile... maybe the 10 year mark. But aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas days, we're open the other 363 days a year (and can be on call at any point if things break). By contrast, our employees in Bangalore, India seem to have a national holiday with pay every other week. Unsurprisingly, it causes a bit of friction between the two campuses every now and then.
  6. I'm a Software Engineering Consultant working for a fortune 40 retailer. While that sounds almost impressive, the reality is I tend to spend all my time in meetings, managing projects, herding cats, and juggling as many things as possible all while being the only person on my team who's in the US (for now, we're looking to bring on a jr resource to help me out). Oh, and there's no coding involved because all our software is either vendor hosted solutions, or vendor packages that are running out of our data centers. That's probably for the best (the no coding part) since the vast majority of my experience is on mainframe systems. Started in the payments area, then moved into identity, and now I'm in the red headed step child of the department (because we're kind of the dumping ground for anything that doesn't fit neatly into another category). And I'm trying to revitalize our previously deceased engineering community of practice.
  7. I would indeed! On cool down from leaving the "dead" clan, so we can see about syncing up Monday or Tuesday. I found the WoWS sub-forum and have the TS info so I'm installing the client and will see if anyone's on later today/this weekend. Thanks! Kevin
  8. From what I've been able to suss out, there are 2 "types" of fighters (I know, clear as muddy water, right?): - One kind will provide defensive air cover, that's the consumable that folks are talking about. Sounds like (at least for now - changes may occur to all this, of course) when you pop the consumable, the fighters show up and patrol an area, automatically engaging enemy air targets. - The second kind appears to be a new kind of strike craft. So they've got dive bombers (which appear to have HE bombs in the videos, hopefully we'll see some nations with AP bombs too), Torpedo bombers, and Fighters which are equipped with rockets. The rockets seem to be low damage, but high change of breaking things and setting a fire - from the sound of it that's giving CV's a way to fight DD's beyond spotting them. It'll be interesting to see what this does to DD game play. On the one hand - rockets in the mix means CV's can actually fight back effectively. On the other hand, CV sighting is getting massively cut down now (1 squad to spot with vs being able to cover all 3 cap points, for instance).
  9. Hi, all! Killer Avocado (aka - Kevin) here. Came from the WoWS NA forum, looks like a nice place! I'm a step dad to two wonderful girls - ages 21 & 18. Unfortunately, neither live with us (at least yet, we're still working on the younger of the two :) ). Glad I popped in!
  10. Hiya, all! Name's Kevin, online handle is usually Killer Avocado (or something similar, depending on the platform). I saw the post on the World of Warships NA forum Clan recruitment sub, and thought the group sounded interesting. Figured I'd pop in and say "hello"! Hunger calls, but I'll be back to poke around some more. - Kev
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