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  1. Hi there....online I respond to Armorhand or simply "Armor". I recently relocated halfway across the states to E Tx (and yes, I love it). I play (in no particular order): AW, WoWS, Division, GR Wildlands, STO, WoT (started playing in Beta, started playing again after 2 years off....and no, don't really like it), War Thunder (ground forces), R6 Siege....might be some more, just can't think of 'em atm. I stream when I can, and am working on recording for YT. My work schedule sucks, so my online time is all over the place.
  2. Most definitely. Not to put too fine an edge on my point before I stab you with it, but where, exactly, is that requirement posted? I've been all over the website and haven't found anything stating a "requirement" for TS pw. The only thing even close to a requirement is what I found on the "introduce yourself" page, which states simply: "...Post here about yourself. Your family, your interest, and anything else you would like to let us know about you...." ...but *nothing* stating the information is required.... If all you want to know is what I play, I can share that, but I'm feeling less and less inclined to share more personal information; and yes, I have reasons.
  3. Very helpful. To be clear: per you, I have to post in the IYH forum in order to get the TS pw? At this point, I have posted the relevant information I feel comfortable sharing on my profile.
  4. Unable to find a valid pw for TS, could someone please message that to me? Thank you!
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