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  1. Valdr

    Any sks owners?

    I have a collector's license and a room full of weapons I inherited from my father and his father who start collecting at the turn of the century. Yes I have an SKS among the 2 thousand and change of firearms. Plus another 30 odd or so with my mothers passing the day before x-mas she had. You might try buying the rounds from the makers of the weapon or at least the country of it is cheaper but the way they pack them is kind of hincky.
  2. Valdr

    You Know You're Getting Old When

    When your youngest gets married, and your son has bought his 1st house, and has paid off 2 Bmw S1000RR's a 2017 Dodge pickup, and he's only 25.
  3. I'm one of those that you don't come across to often, I was retired by the US Army at the age of 39. after 22 yrs of service and excitement with the 75th Ranger Reg. With 8 police actions and 3 classified's. But no congress declared wars for me, I guess they didn't want to send a 1st SGT to war. Hell I don't know! But all 8 PA's the duties and missions were no different I still have a ceramic coated metal embedded in my spine. And then the VA those asshats stool all my benny's! Sorry I get started I'm just like a snowball rollin downhill it just comes faster and faster and being alone now is a serious bench!! Its all I can do some days. I would really appreciate it if I could game with you fellas, I'm losing the thirst for the games I play, do to the 3 benches, me, myself, and I, are up my bum every waking moment. I play all kind of games, WoT's, WoW's, Mass Effect Andromeda, Middle Earth Shadows of war, Deus Ex MD, The Isle, FC4 Primal, The Witcher 3, Elvenar, Dishonored 1,2 and 3 just to name a few. And that's what I do day after day. Just like the proverbial broken record.
  4. Valdr

    Welcome Thohammer

    Why Thank you, Thank you very much!