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  1. Dirtracer99

    Got a new toy today

    Really wanted something compact and versatile- but still loud enough to be worthwhile. I've always liked Line 6, and have had terrific luck with them (several guitar and bass amps in the past) and this one is just fun, what with the bluetooth pairing and tablet/phone remote tools. Also doubles up as a bluetooth loudspeaker, and as a bonus it can detect what you play through it and download a preset tone for that song. Kind of cool tech-wise, and I'm not sure you can find a smaller stereo amplifier than this. 75W output seems sufficient so far. I like it. It's a little dusty from being the store display model, but it'll clean up.
  2. Dirtracer99

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Applied on the WoT site, so please- I'd like an invite. No DHO-X for me,seeing as my highest tier is 5 and I'm a scrub at the moment :)
  3. Dirtracer99

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Scott here. 4 daughters from 16 to 26 and 2 grandkids. A new returnee to WoT- I played a lot a few years ago (back when France was the new country), and had multiple T8s- but I lost my login info and have not been able to satisfy Wargaming enough to recover my old account- so back to the drawing board. I have a preference for TDs, US and UK mediums, and the occasional heavy (my IS-3 was my favorite HT). Hobbies are guitar/bass, studying paranormal things, WoT and iRacing, and looking longingly at pictures of Hannah John-Kamen. Enough?