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  1. russde

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Currently in DHO-3, not very active, once a week during the day or so with the occasional weekend or evening. Please move me to DHO, thanks (rustywrench in game)
  2. russde

    Son's First Vehicle

    I've got a friend that has put better than 300k miles on four different Suburbans, I can't stand the way they drive but certainly can't argue with the engine's durability. R
  3. russde

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Isn't DHO6 doing some now?
  4. I'm in... Just FYI, as you donate the shown amount looks negative, but it isn't...I think ;)
  5. russde

    Marvel Strike Force- Starting out

    Lol, yes. Just hit 20 and have sent request to join Dadshideout.
  6. russde

    Marvel Strike Force- Starting out

    Is it level 20 before Alliance option opens up?
  7. russde


    No sir ;) Mediocre tier 7's vs 9's; mediocre tier 8's vs 10's...etc etc ad nauseum
  8. russde


    Perfect guys, thanks. I'd found the compare function, but hadn't seen the 3D model other than in some folks video reviews.
  9. russde


    Trying to upgrade my play and need to learn more weakspots. Much of my time at work I have access to the net, but no sound; so websites that are non-video based are excellent for learning. What sites are the best laid out for quickly picking a tank and finding out where to shoot them? Thanks, Russ
  10. russde

    May Overview: Memorial Day

    So, Cromwell B, Rudy, IS-2 (Soviet), ISU-122s and? I'll probably pop for the Cromwell because... it's the Cromwell; I've got the Rudy, wouldn't mind another Sov BIA medium crew Now, learn me about the IS-2. I like my IS, so is this worse/as good/better? Not sure about the ISU-122s, I'm not big on the turretless TD's but that's probably just because they are hard to play, for me...
  11. russde


    I wouldn't have thought 'super cheesy'...but yes, now that you've said it. I was enjoying the fx up until the head thing happened, then, blah
  12. Stats make it look barely even with regular M4...kind of like Premium tanks used to be. I'd consider it for the training because it's relatively cheap, but I've got a Thunderbolt so I don't think I'll jump Waiting with baited breath for the Skorp G though
  13. russde

    13 57 in Premium Shop

    Figured that might irk you Grant. No idea how that qualified as an ace and yours was a 2nd...tier level maybe? Either way I'm hanging on to the thought that I bested you. Stars won't ever align in the same fashion, but I've got photographic proof. 😉
  14. russde

    13 57 in Premium Shop

    I'm digging mine...and I'm only barely more orange than true tomato. This was my second battle in it.
  15. russde

    Rudy on sale today

    The Rudy is on sale for one day, BIA crew included, along with some gold etc I love my T34-85m...so I'm thinking about picking this one up too