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    Hola everyone, My name is Devin and I am an alcoh...oops wrong thread. I’m 39 years old and reside in Los Angeles, Ca. I am married and have 2 kids (16 yr. old son and 12yr. old daughter). I’m a die hard Broncos and Lakers fan. I also like bowling, which I took up after sucking at golf. I was gaming on the PS4 until purchasing a 4K tv and decided to get a Xbox one X. The graphics are amazing. I am currently playing Forza 7, Madden 18, COD WW2, Star Wars 2, Witcher 3, PUBs and Disneyland Adventures which my nephews and nieces got me into. I haven’t really tried World of Tanks, but am willing to try if that’s what it takes to make a few friends. I like to get on during the evening with a few beers after work or during the weekend at various hours. Feel free to add me, the life of a lonely gamer can be rough: MellowMood (2 i’s instead of L’s).