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  1. SS is fixed, no longer needed
  2. No one said I had to think to reply. I barely follow the rules at all, you can't go changing them on me.
  3. I'm a big fan of the Batchat 25t, it's combat capacity allows it to not just be a sniper, but also deal a good amount of damage when they can get around on a flank. I'll call for it on a lot of my strats. We also have some good bat players, so it's something I'll continue to call for. Heavies - For me, most of my strats are going to focus on the 277/5a/Chieftan. Sometimes a map will call for an IS7 or Super Conq, but mostly I'm wanting faster heavies. TDs - I really like the DPM and accuracy of the STRV, so that gets a lot of play, but I'll also use the T110e3 and the T110e4 in places to hold a line. If we're doing advances and Murovanka is in the lineup, be ready for some deathstar action. Mediums - For Meds it's mostly going to be 907/140, though honestly the 277 is as fast as those, so I've been taking more heavies than meds lately. Sometimes if I need accuracy from a med, I'll call for a Leo 1, but that's rare. Scouts - For lights it depends on the map, but either the EBR or the T100. My T100 has 70 meters more view range than most EBRs, so if I want vision, I'm going with the T100. I'll also use the Bat in places where folks would normally put a light because I want that clip capacity. Arty - broken mechanic that should be removed from the game, but if I need one it's usually the CGC unless it's wide open then I'll go something faster shooting like the 261 or 53/55. =============================== Before I start this next part I want to make this disclaimer. The following is just my opinion and how I see things. These thoughts don't represent DHO-X in any way so I don't want anyone getting all butthurt and quitting because of something I said here. I think one of the things as a caller that's the most frustrating is when we try to put together advances, skirmishes or even clan wars and we see 30+ people online at the time but we can barely get enough people to run organized play. If you're grinding something, we all get that, absolutely everyone does it from time to time. But if you're one of the guys who's constantly grinding something and never participates in the organized stuff, you really belong in DHO and not DHO-X. It really does seem to be the same people over and over and I just don't get it. I'm not sure how to codify that into a policy, but as a caller, that's one thing that drives me batty and I know it does with other callers as well. Also, just participation in Discord. I've been on some nights where I'm the only one in channel but there are 25 guys online. Damnit I shower every day, I play this game because I like playing with people and the camaraderie that goes along with it. If you're one of those who's always online but never in Discord, again maybe another DHO clan is a better place for you. I've probably pissed off enough people, I'm out for now.
  4. Shamelessly stolen from Reddit. It's only 5 battles, but might be a nice trial before buying from the festival. I rented the ELC since I saved that one for later. You get a rental tank mentioned in the code for 5 battles. You can only redeem 1 code. IAMLOWE IAMELC IAMLT432 IAMT26E4 IAMT54FP IAMSOMUA IAMWZ120 IAMFV4202 IAMT34 IAMCAERNARVON IAMSKORPION IAMSTRVS1 IAMPROGETTO IAMT44100 IAMM4190 IAMLORRAINE
  5. I should have done this Friday. I've never posted a replay before. The ending was a lot more crazy than the end plates let on. 20190913_1311_sweden-S10_Strv_103_0_Series_114_czech.wotreplay
  6. First game in the IS-2. I know it will get worse from here, but I'll enjoy this one while I can.
  7. First game in the black prince. Not too shabby. Wish a had a replay, it was me versus 3 at the end. Had to sit on the cap to draw out the 13 57.
  8. So my wife and I just built our new house. I say just, but it's been about 18 months now. My wife is a massive eco nerd, so we built very "green". We have ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) walls from the footings to the rafters. My house looks normal (siding on the outside, drywall on the inside), except the walls are almost 14" thick with a 6" solid concrete core all the way up. Sound proof, weather proof, insect proof, rodent proof, and super efficient. We've also got geothermal heat/cooling, so that's also super efficient. On to why I mention this here. When we built, we put 100% LED lights into the house. The only standard bulb in our house is in the oven. Even the refrigerator/freezer/range hood are all LED lights. We put in almost entirely "puck" lights. From the outside they look exactly like standard recessed lights. However they're really almost completely flat and are installed in a standard light box in the ceiling. They're incredibly bright, but only use ~6 watts each. Housing and everything they cost less than $15 each. Compared to actually recessed lighting where the housing itself costs ~$20 each, they're a great deal.
  9. Ok, posted my intro. Didn't realize at first it was in a general discussion forum, so I went back and removed all the WOT related stuff. I'm currently in a clan, but I'm thinking about switching to a more active (or at least more social) clan. The guys in my current clan are awesome, but it's pretty much either strongholds or solo grinding. There's no middle ground. I much prefer to be social and play in platoons or at least chat with people while playing. I have many of the meta tier 6 and 8 tanks for strongholds. I have 2 tier 10 tanks right now, but have 2 others unlocked and have several other tier 9s that I'm working on. I'm looking for a clan that's not full of kids (I have 2 of my own and work in a school, kids are great, but my Tank time is my time) and is active with platoons, strongholds, tournaments, clan wars, or some combination of those. I don't like clan hoppers, so I don't plan to leave my current clan until I find a new home. Is it ok to hop on the TS server and hang out with some of the DHO clans to see where I'd best fit before making any moves?
  10. Greetings folks, I'm Eric, but I go by ScHwErV pretty much everywhere online. So, about me. I'm a dad of 2 boys (currently 6 and 10) and I"m extremely proud of both of them. I'm still happily married to their mom and hope to keep it that way. What else - I'm 41, I brew beer and hard cider, I have a big homemade smoker that I love to use, I play World of Tanks standing behind a desk that I made while looking at a 12' projected screen in my basement, I'm a technology director for a school, I'm former US Army, I hunt and fish religiously, I live in Michigan, and I have 6 chickens, a rabbit, a cat, 3 fish, and during the summer we raise turkeys for Thanksgiving.
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