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  1. Velakos

    Elder Scrolls Online- FREE TO PLAY

    Does anyone have a guild for ESO. I'm looking to try a trading type guild.
  2. Velakos

    Since Jean Bart, what do I do with my free xp?

    thanks. I'll start with Nelson
  3. I saved up almost 900k free xp waiting for Jean Bart. Should I wait for other free xp ships coming out in the future or go ahead and purchase Nelson, Kron, or Musashi? thoughts?
  4. Velakos

    Elder Scrolls Online- FREE TO PLAY

    I play from time to time. Only have a couple of toons and they are about 40.
  5. Velakos


    this is a really good T10 game for me in my Hindenbug.
  6. Velakos

    Oh those poor people

    I came across this story: http://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/2018/08/08/burger-king-agrees-to-totos-africa-all-day-long-at-london-location.html Someone in our Warships clan loves this song and I thought this was funny. -V
  7. Velakos


    I was excited to get 2 Super Containers for finishing a mission task. First one had 25 dragon flags, second had a spotting aircraft time extension upgrade. bleh. --V
  8. I noticed today that I had upgraded modules on two of my French Battleships given in the missions when they first came out. Bretagne and Lyon. I had not noticed that the upgraded modules were present but not selected for use. They were all paid for and researched but not selected. I've been running them since the French Battleship release not knowing that. --V
  9. Velakos

    DHO Youtube Videos

    I like the vids, only thing is the game sounds are too loud. Cut the volume in half and you should be good. The tactics comments are great for me.
  10. Velakos

    out for a bit

    just my own experience.... - there are quests everywhere and some of them are long chains. There are the standard go and fetch me 10 of that but not too much on the main quest lines. - The combat system is the thing that is kinda strange. You have only 5 slots for actions plus one long cooldown ultimate slot. Coming from WoW that's a big change. - It's got a deep rich fantasy story that alot of folks like. I only do PvE so i can't speak to PvP. - the skill-based leveling means that your class is what you make it. thieves using 2-H swords, things like that.
  11. Velakos

    Got a free Texas + 10pt Capt.

    yeah that's it
  12. Velakos

    out for a bit

    I play on PC through Steam, so not sure about that one. I would assume so since its an MMO, but just guessing.
  13. Velakos

    Got a free Texas + 10pt Capt.

    I completed the part 1 of the event for that ship (I forget the name) and at the end you get a Super Container. I was surprised to find a TEXAS with a 10pt Captain. That was a nice start to my WOWS day. -V
  14. Velakos

    out for a bit

    I like it ok, its your standard fantasy MMO. The skill-based leveling is a bit confusing at first. It's free to play but with an initial purchase of the game. You can get an ESO+ memberships for access to all DLC and extra bags, etc. Steam runs sales on it from time to time.
  15. Velakos

    out for a bit

    I got invited to beta test the Elder Scrolls Online new expansion called Summerset and am going to give it a try. I haven't played ESO in many months so am going to have to learn all over again. I'll be on WOWS a little less for a couple weeks. -V