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  1. Velakos

    thanks Dad's

    I have truly enjoyed being part of DHO this past year. I look forward to another year with you all. Happy New Year, V
  2. Velakos

    Elite Dangerous

    I caught this on a steam sale recently and have liked it so far. Takes alot of time to learn how to play as the game tells you almost nothing. Lots of reddit and you tube video time. the 3.3 changes seems to have the player base in a frenzy about how much better mining is. I don't know what mining was like before but I tried it briefly and hated it. Probably because I did not have all the fancy equipment to make it go faster. I liked No Man's sky ok, but its a different sort of game. ED has way more to do.
  3. Velakos

    Aquaman - Dec 21, 2018

    I saw this last night. It was predictable but a fun movie. Liked the special effects.
  4. Velakos


    my best game in the Gneisenau
  5. Velakos

    Warships slots on sale for 75

    wow, i never get the ship slots. I think i have gotten one in the 2 something years i've been playing. I always get Captain slots, though not as much lately.
  6. Velakos

    Warships slots on sale for 75

    They are normally 300 Dubloons.
  7. I did not understand this at all. I bought more premium time last night through credit card thinking i would get additional premium time for free for warships. If it looks too good to be true.....
  8. Velakos

    Elder Scrolls Online- FREE TO PLAY

    Does anyone have a guild for ESO. I'm looking to try a trading type guild.
  9. Velakos

    Since Jean Bart, what do I do with my free xp?

    thanks. I'll start with Nelson
  10. I saved up almost 900k free xp waiting for Jean Bart. Should I wait for other free xp ships coming out in the future or go ahead and purchase Nelson, Kron, or Musashi? thoughts?
  11. Velakos

    Elder Scrolls Online- FREE TO PLAY

    I play from time to time. Only have a couple of toons and they are about 40.
  12. Velakos


    this is a really good T10 game for me in my Hindenbug.
  13. Velakos

    Oh those poor people

    I came across this story: http://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/2018/08/08/burger-king-agrees-to-totos-africa-all-day-long-at-london-location.html Someone in our Warships clan loves this song and I thought this was funny. -V
  14. Velakos


    I was excited to get 2 Super Containers for finishing a mission task. First one had 25 dragon flags, second had a spotting aircraft time extension upgrade. bleh. --V
  15. I noticed today that I had upgraded modules on two of my French Battleships given in the missions when they first came out. Bretagne and Lyon. I had not noticed that the upgraded modules were present but not selected for use. They were all paid for and researched but not selected. I've been running them since the French Battleship release not knowing that. --V