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  1. I found this very interesting as I had not heard this level of detail before from the Japanese side.
  2. I enjoyed doing this. Thanks for putting it together, Koudai.
  3. it might be ok for game console use as traffic would be going through all the time except when not in use. It might even help save some power as the console would probably be off for many hours at a time.
  4. I got a 1gb pair for my house so my wife could work from home in another room. Her work-provided system is a desktop so I needed a wired connection. I could have put wireless on the system but its dodgy in that part of the house. They worked fine however her vpn was dropping. I soon noticed there was a power-saving "feature" which put them in standby when there was no network traffic. I contacted the company and they sent me a file to run to shut that off. its supposed to help conserve power when the network line is not in use. After that it has run fine for a year. Its a 1gb pair of units, but my speedtest revealed about 50mb. That's ok, it works. 50mb is plenty for her work.
  5. I have truly enjoyed being part of DHO this past year. I look forward to another year with you all. Happy New Year, V
  6. Velakos

    Elite Dangerous

    I caught this on a steam sale recently and have liked it so far. Takes alot of time to learn how to play as the game tells you almost nothing. Lots of reddit and you tube video time. the 3.3 changes seems to have the player base in a frenzy about how much better mining is. I don't know what mining was like before but I tried it briefly and hated it. Probably because I did not have all the fancy equipment to make it go faster. I liked No Man's sky ok, but its a different sort of game. ED has way more to do.
  7. my best game in the Gneisenau
  8. wow, i never get the ship slots. I think i have gotten one in the 2 something years i've been playing. I always get Captain slots, though not as much lately.
  9. They are normally 300 Dubloons.
  10. I did not understand this at all. I bought more premium time last night through credit card thinking i would get additional premium time for free for warships. If it looks too good to be true.....
  11. Does anyone have a guild for ESO. I'm looking to try a trading type guild.
  12. I saved up almost 900k free xp waiting for Jean Bart. Should I wait for other free xp ships coming out in the future or go ahead and purchase Nelson, Kron, or Musashi? thoughts?
  13. I play from time to time. Only have a couple of toons and they are about 40.
  14. this is a really good T10 game for me in my Hindenbug.
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