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  1. Railsplitter84

    ELC EVEN 90 Gud Tonk, not POS like other say!!!

    This may be why our loadout opinions vary. My experience with this tank is that it's camo is so good it is a viable passive scout on most maps (Only tank on the game I would say that for). I even had a ~1k spotting/~1k damage game on himmelsdorf without using any bushes. I'm enjoying the challenge of making it work. While I do generally agree optics are better on lights, on the even 90 I enjoy playing as much the pure scout as possible. Again, this is ONLY possible due to it's ridiculous camo values as well as the fact that bushes too small to hide many other light tanks swallow this one up with room to spare. So, yes, I really am talking about passive scouting. Battles like in my OP are one in a thousand, but I play VR dominance every time I take it out. Just the style I find most enjoyable with it.
  2. Railsplitter84

    ELC EVEN 90 Gud Tonk, not POS like other say!!!

    So here's my thought process for using binocs at high tier, bearing in mind that's only about 2 or 3 of my light tanks over tier 6. Using the even 90 for this example: -without any vision devices my VR is 413. -with optics it goes to 454 (+41) -with binocs it goes to 503 (+90) -if an an enemy medium has 20% camo values (using it for easy figures) then with optics I should be able to spot it around 364 meters. With binocs up I should spot it around 402 meters. Doesn't seem like that much, but if you make the assumption that enemy tanks are likely to be in a conical fan around 30° wide then with optics I can provide vision over about 12,500 square meters. With binocs up then it becomes 15,200 square meters. Thus, while I kemp bush with binocs that 20% camo wnemy medium has 2,700 fewer meters to hide in. -at the same time, while moving I still have 413 VR, so if an enemy tank has 400 VR, with my 46% camo they won't spot me until 216 meters. Even most light tanks in the 30% range still won't see me first. I love theorycrafting like this. Please evaluate my math and discuss. I studied history so I wouldn't have to do math... so I'm not infallible!
  3. Railsplitter84

    ELC EVEN 90 Gud Tonk, not POS like other say!!!

    Very interesting feedback. Vision without binos active is already pushing past 425, so I figured that was sufficient, but still maxes my ability if I want to cut into enemy's Camo values at longer range. Also bear in mind the game I posted is an anomaly. Most games I rush to bushes most tanks can't get to because of lower speeds or camo values, binoc up, and reap the spotting damage, in which case the binocs are better. I'll try a few games with optics and report back as to which I prefer.
  4. Railsplitter84

    ELC EVEN 90 Gud Tonk, not POS like other say!!!

    My crew in this tank is at 2.8-ish skills Commander: sixth sense / BIA / camo (80%) Driver: camo / BIA / smooth ride (80%) Gunner: camo / BIA / snap shot (80%) I like BIA to nudge up all the soft stats as well as help with slight reload improvement. Gun is accurate but aims like molasses so I like the driver/Gunner perks to help with dispersion. Once I finish getting camo on the commander I think it will max around 45-46% camo (currently 43%-ish). Right now when binocs activate I hit 506 VR, then if I get situational awareness for 4th skill should be hitting 550ish... NOBODY is safe then lol!
  5. Fellow dads: I got the ELC EVEN 90 becasue i'm a rabid tank collector and it looks cool as a frozen thin mint in July. I knew it was crap, I knew the gun sucked, I knew every youtuber had basically said"meh" for this tank. But hey, whatever right? I just got it to have some fun. Boy oh boy have I been having fun!!! Just this morning had a 1100 damage / 4400 spotting game on Lakeville, and a couple days ago while rolling with bumper and schwerv had a 4700 damage dealt game in this "crap tank!" See youtube link below... some random grabbed it off wotreplays and posted it. So, if you remember what it was like to play the Chaffee back when it had MM up to tier X and was the scout to end all scouts, that's what the EVEN 90 is like... with a 90mm gun. My only complaint is it has an annoyingly long reload, but if you abuse the heck out of camo mechanics you can take care of that with time to spare. If you want a primary damage dealer, look elsewhere, but if you like to play the thinking man's game and abuse camo for spotting and opportunistic damage dealing, then this is the tank for you!
  6. Railsplitter84

    Any sks owners?

    SKS are generally reliable and good rifles. Just be careful of surplus ammo. Its safe to shoot but usually corrosive, so if you do shoot it it's IMPERATIVE you clean the rifle immediately afterward, not wait till tomorrow like you usually can get away with.
  7. Railsplitter84

    9.21 Preview - New GB Map, New French HT's, Bye Bye 183

    Got my Deathstar unlocked and purchased. Just sitting here rubbing my hands in glee for the upcoming patch!
  8. Railsplitter84

    LOLs at your Spouse's expense

    On a road trip my wife decided to be cute and/or entertain our toddler so she was making animal sounds as we passed a farm for the pigs/cows/whatever they raised there. Well, we're driving past a horse ranch, and she bellows out real loud: "MMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo................ *silence* horse" So now anytime I'm with her and see horses it's "Moo horse!!!"
  9. Railsplitter84

    Cool Truck Stuff... Show and Tell!

    Roger that! Pics to follow. Concrete is cold and I don't feel like putting shoes on to go outside...
  10. Hey dads, several months ago my Ford Sport Trac started leaking compression bubbles out of the head gasket (I know, I know, what do you expect from a Ford? Well, when I got it I was broke and it was high mileage and cheap. Needed something with a bed that could also fit a car seat) Anyways, was in a decent position at the time, so I took the opportunity to get a brand new base model Nissan Frontier, just upgraded to the larger engine and 4 doors (carseat... dang it child!). Since it was the most basic model I can slowly upgrade it as time and money allows. So far I've added a basic bull bar and nerf bars, rhino liner, and my personal favorite you might not have heard of: a canvas folding truck topper! In 5 minutes I can have a topper, or no topper, depending on what I want to do with the truck. So here's my protip for truck loving dads: www.softopper.com What's your favorite addition to your truck? Show and tell time! (P.S. I have no affiliation with this company other than buying and using their stuff. Just FYI!)
  11. Railsplitter84

    DHO4 Stronghold Advances

    Railsplitter84, Available most weeknights for an hour between 1900-2200 EST, but you can only have me for one night or the wife will chop me into little pieces... Lights: Sheridan, Rheinmetal, T-100 LT Meds: M48, Leo1, T-62A, OBJ 140, Cent AX, Batchat, TVP 50-51, STB-1 Heavy: E5, E-100 TD: FV 4005, FV215B-183
  12. Railsplitter84


    Been to Fort Lee, VA and Fort Campbell, KY. By far the best was Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. So many fond memories of that place... In contrast, Kuwait is the pit of hell!!!
  13. Railsplitter84

    Military Men

    Army Loggie here. 3 years active with some play time in the NG beforehand. Still not sure if this is long term or I wanna bail and have a real job...
  14. Railsplitter84

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Thanks to Grant for getting me hooked up on the TS... I actually thought the server password was "usual password"! New guy problems... Anyways, I'd like to request to join one of your clans. If IV has an opening, I enjoy running strongholds/skirmishes, but mostly just looking for a crew to roll with on nights my wife has something to watch on TLC, so pretty much any of your subclans sound like a good time to me! Edited to add: I currently have all the tanks worth having for competition up to tier 8, as well as 14 tier X vehicles. Not sure if that matters for where I'd fit best with ya'll.
  15. Railsplitter84

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Howdy gents! Would like to hop on your WoT Teamspeak and see if I can fit into the clan somewhere (introductory post made in the required location). I may be a nincompoop though, because I couldn't get into the TS3 server with the information available at this link: Would someone be willing to contact me about joining the clan/getting onto TS? I should be good if you supply me updated address/password.