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  1. Good day, I was in a DHO clan a few years ago but left and took a break from the game. Now I back playing more regularly and I'm looking to get back into one of the clans. A semi active one would be nice because with RL it's hard for me to commit to set times. But I'm still interested in platooning and skirm/other clan stuff. IGN is Slimz51. Thanks
  2. Here's what is in the tech tree: US - Scorpion. T34, T26E4, M46 KR Germany - Pz T25, Dicker Max, Steyr WT, JgTig 8.8, Panther/M10, VK 45.03, Pz 58 Mutz, Panther 8.8, Lowe USSR - Matilda IV, Churchill III, Su-100Y, T-34-85M, Su-122-44, KV-122, T-54 mod 1, IS-6, STG, Britsih - Matilda BP, Excelsior, AC 4 Exp, AT 15A, FV201(A45), FV202 French - AMX M4 49, M4A1 Rev, AMX CDC, AMX Cda 105 Czech - Skoda T 40 Japan - Chi-Nu Kai. Heavy Tank No VI, STA-2 China - Type 64, WZ-120-1 FT, 112, 59-Patton Poland - Pudel Sweden - Strv m/42-57, Strv S1 Italy
  3. Seeing how I was hoping the last tank of the advant calendar would be sold with gold, I sadly didn't buy the progetto when it was on sale. And was kind of disappointed the last tank was the caern ax, even though I could use the british heavy tank crew trainer. My question now is what are some decent tanks to spend gold on in the tech trees? I have the following already: US - T25 pilot, T34 B, T14, thunderbolt, Ram II, and M4 improved Germany - Schwarzpanzer 58, Skop G, Pz T25, Tiger 131 and Dicker Max USSR - IS-6 B, IS-3A, T-34-85M, SU-100Y, Churchill III, KV-220-2, SU-122
  4. Hey, is it possible to get an invite to the DHO clan. I am currently in the DHO3 one and I'm looking for activity. I'll leave that clan and wait for an inv. Thanks!
  5. I've debated buy a T8 prem light. But I purchased this tank yesterday and must say I love it. I am having so much fun with it. Luck was on my side in one of my battles tonight. Here's the replay http://wotreplays.eu/site/4521993#mines-slimz51-elc_even_90
  6. What are your go to tanks for this mode. I'm using Skorp G, Rev, Schwarzpanzer 58 and/or T25 pilot maimly. Been thinking about using a heavy but not too sure which one yet.
  7. I enjoy playing TDs, heavies and mediums. The only TD I'd be interested is the Skorp G (but not onsale) so I guess I'm looking for Heavy and medium suggestions now.
  8. Hey tankers, So I'm thinking about treating myself for my birthday with a new T8 Premium. Besides the Lowe, what others are fun to play. I'm undecided on the T92 lt and I have the black versions of the T34 and IS-6. Also I have the pilot, so I'm looking for some suggestions. Thanks
  9. As the title says, Merry Tanksmas to all you Dads out there! I hope RNGesus is good to you this year, but more importantly I hope you get to spend RL time with family and friends and enjoy those moments. Lastly I just was to say if you are alone or feeling down these holidays, feel free to shot me a message. I understand this time of year can be rough for some and I'm willing to lend an ear if needed. Happy Holidays and Stay safe!
  10. Wow, very nice of you guys! Merry Christmas to all DHO members
  11. as long as everyone is running the pref mm tanks, I believe so
  12. I envy all you Skorpion G owner, they are the bane of my Tiger 131's existence. I always manage to run into them on the battle field and bam 2 shots and back to the garage. Curious to know though how is the credit making with them and do you see terrible mm like most t8 prems? Someday I'll get one and join the club but until then I will suffer the inevitable fate with my 131 lol
  13. At the moment I mainly solo cause I'd like to get a couple lines grinded out some I have more options when running clan or platoons. I do have the panther and that line is one I have looked at too.
  14. Sadly I can't see me grinding the BC anytime soon. I might try for the 140 though or the Patton.
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