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  1. Coolbeans man! This is what I was looking for but could not find, I appreciate ya!
  2. As the title said, I spend most of my nightly free time after the wee one goes to bed playing warframe. I was doing some digging around in these forums and haven't seen it mentioned in some time. Is anyone playing? Would you like to join? It's a third person action RPG, Not much in the way of story but rich in lore, (There is an amazing story quest but it is gated behind quite a bit of content before you get to it; And I'm okay with that, I feel like it was the right move by the developer. ). Everything about this game is shiny, from the fluid movement and combat mechanics to the collecting / crafting / upgrading systems in place that keep you tweaking things around for ever better results. It has been the perfect "few hours a night" game for me. I'm not likely doing it justice but if there's anyone out there with a clan I'd love to join up, or if there's enough interest here I may consider starting one up for us myself and seeing what all we can get researched. See you out there Tenno Dads! -=Babba G. P.S. Referral code to get ya started if you're interested (Not sure on the forums policy on referral codes, let me know if it's not cool and I'll take it down :p ): https://www.warframe.com/signup?referrerId=574122d23ade7f68b8c77f8e
  3. 'Allo everyone! Joined up here after finding out the subreddit for gaming dads was rather console exclusive and lacked a good deal of chill about it. Anyhow, I got a little boy who's almost one and a half, my gaming time is fairly limited to after he goes to bed, a story I'm sure a lot of us are familiar with. Currently I've been binging out on warframe a good deal and was hoping to join up with whatever clan you guys have going on. Any idea who to get in touch with for recruitement for that? I've been playing about a month now pretty solid, was a big fan of it when it came out but also about that time I became homeless (By choice!) After our boy was born the wifu and I settled down and I gotta say having a PC again has been more of a homecoming than having walls! Anyhow. Hit me up if anyone wants to get some late night runs in.
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