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  1. FzCruzer

    Elite Dangerous

    There are some recorded live streams of the changes that are being introduced in the BETA that starts on the 25th. If you can get through the geekdom (fast forward) it looks interesting enough for me to try it again. Will have to relearn and probably program all the key bindings lol.
  2. FzCruzer

    Elite Dangerous

    New content is being released in Beta on 25 January. I have not played in a looooooooooong Time. Think I am going to try and reignite the spark during this Beta window to see what is up and not risk my normal account, cuz I am going to suck relearning. If anybody wants to shake the cobwebs out and meet up let me know. Very lonely in space sometimes.
  3. FzCruzer

    New Gaming Monitor?... What do you guys use?

    I am in the sam boat, trying to choose my next monitor. I have a thread in the “computer” subforum. I am leaning towards a 34” IPMS, Gsync 1440 monitor to replace my 1080p 3 screen setup. Just trying to justify the cost lol. Kids can only eat hot dogs for so long, kidding of course.
  4. FzCruzer

    From three 1080p screens to one 1440?

    That is a very nice monitor. I am looking at the ROG Swift 34” to get the Gsync capability, but it is a $1200 monitor. Even the 27” monitors with IPS and Gsync are $700. Not sure yet, want to stay in the hobby budget. Would be nice to know if 4K is going to be more viable in the next year or so.
  5. Hello all, I have been running a three screen 1080p setup for about 5 years now. I originally set up the rig to play Iracing, but have enjoyed the bigger display in all games that I play that can support it. I currently play WOT, Elite Dangerous and still some Iracing. I tend to play other games when they are older, for example I just bought Fallout 4 over the holidays to play soon. So with the three 1080p screens I play games at a resolution of 5760x1080 and am using a 980TI graphics card. I am really thinking of doing away with the 3 screen setup and going to one of the 1440P IPS Gsync monitors 27" monitors. I think that my 980TI will still push a single 1440 monitor just fine for the foreseeable future. It seems the 1440 resolution is a great place to be while 4K is still maturing. Has anybody gone from a 3 screen setup to a single monitor? I know I will like the nicer resolution but am afraid that I am going to miss the large display area. Might sound silly, but it will be nice to have the WOT mini map where I can see it without turning my head lol. Anybody using a 1440 monitor, is the display quality substantially better than 1080? The 1440 monitors are pretty pricy and do not want to have buyers remorse lol. Also, it looks like there are some 34" 1440 screens coming very soon that have a higher refresh rate than the current 60hz available. that might work for me but I am concerned about the higher load on my last gen graphics card and would like to skip the current gen cards.
  6. FzCruzer

    What's Yer Grind - Spring 2017 Edition

    I ground through the IS-2 yesterday. Hope to make some progress on the 110 some today. Got the 140 on Friday, it is all set up and ready. Will be nice to have a more "Meta" tank for tier 10 Clan fun.
  7. FzCruzer

    Game of Thrones - Season 7 ***SPOILERS***

    So a couple episodes ago, Cersie's gold convoy was destroyed. I thought that convoy was delivering the gold payment to the bank to pay off back debt. If the payment did not get made, how is she financing the Gold Company?
  8. FzCruzer

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Hello all, Looking to see if I am a good fit for a DHO clan. Looking forward to seeing what is available and meeting some good Dad's.
  9. FzCruzer

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Hello all, Name is Rob. I am the father of 4 human kids and 1 furry kid. I really like the idea and atmosphere of Dadshideout so far. I am retired Navy and live in Camarillo, California. I mainly play WOT on PC but dabble here and there with other games. I will post in the WOT invite thread soon to see if I am a good fit for a DHO clan. Rob,