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  1. Hey all, was wondering if we have anyone who plays Warframe on PC and if we have a Clan for game ? For anyone else , Warframe is free to play and has a Massive update coming soon which may interest some : My ingame name is : Manwesulim0 Steam iD: ŔΛZĪƐĿ
  2. Hi , my name is John Adamson , 42 year old veteran of 3 children , ( 2 girls all grown up :( , and one lego mad 11year old boy \o/ ). I Work in mental health , and play Warframe on PC. I'm a returning player from 2014 ,(couple of months ago) and loving the changes since then . The Clan I joined back then has died out . I'm no Pro ( I'm still learning after hundreds of hours in game ) but I'm up for any grouping for xp , relics , credits , etc. Warframe Name : ManweSulim0
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