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  1. Ziggy_Dog

    Raining XP

    I ground out the Tier 5, Pz. IV H in 4 battles, and the VK 30.01 P in 15, over 2 days, with the 3X and all the other goodies, lol. Don't even have time to train the damn crew.
  2. Ziggy_Dog

    Scumbag Game Play

    Nicely played. Love the way the Lynx just drove past 2 arties so he could cap
  3. Ziggy_Dog

    1.5x XP Weekend, with Code (Apr 19-22)

    Just finished the Type 5 grind yesterday Currently grinding the Obj 268-4, about a third through the Obj 263 In the Udes. That's gonna take a while Centurion AX. At the Tier 8 Centurion Mk1. Another slow grind 430U, at the 430 Obj 140. Cant make the T-54 work. I went through it once to the T-62A, but it is so different then the 430 grille 15, I'm stuck on the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger. But like the rest of this line after the Nashorn, it takes a while for me to get proficient. But man does it pack a wallop when you hit something
  4. Ziggy_Dog

    More Codes

    ILOVEWORLDOFTANKS FIRE2019 ICE2019 The last 2 don't work yet. Stay Tuned For Further Updates
  5. Ziggy_Dog

    Another Code: 8th Anniversary

  6. Ziggy_Dog

    Blocking Maps You Dislike - 1.5 Update

    Empires Border if I do pick one. Really hate that map. Not sure if I will though.
  7. Ziggy_Dog

    I'll never understand some people

    I often message people when they have a good game, either a teammate or a red. I never initiate a message to anyone with a salty comment. I do sometimes get some disgruntled player venting at me, and I'll often reply in kind, and never kindly.
  8. Ziggy_Dog

    WoT Premium Account

    What's the difference between dynamic and manually-created Platoons?
  9. Ziggy_Dog

    Your OP tank of choice.

    Lol. That's the only way to play...and die a horrible quick death
  10. Ziggy_Dog

    Your OP tank of choice.

    The American and French Tier 7 lights and the Nashorn 🙂
  11. Ziggy_Dog

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    I've gotten a couple of salty messages lately, and I always enjoy playing along for a bit till i get tired of having my mom talked about in such an unflattering diatribe. By the way, do you ever watch Z3M (SHRKE) videos on YouTube? He was in the arty on your team. Pretty amusing, sometimes salty videos.
  12. Ziggy_Dog

    Frontline Returns!

    I always load into FL in the Defender, and go straight to cap, regardless of attacking or defending. 50% of the time I rank up 1 or 2 ranks pretty quickly. I've kept engineering on most of my FL tanks as it speeds up capping and resets. After the defender I'll go with something fast like the LT-432 on attack or the Skorp G on defense. On attack I use the map to see where the defenders are light and go straight to the next cap. Again, it's a 50-50 crap shoot, but when it works you rank up quick.
  13. Ziggy_Dog

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Steppes

    I like this map from the south in a med or td. Go play the hill at F-0 and get early shots. In a slow heavy I'll go to H-1 if there is support. In lights I try to get some early spots at F-5,6. I think the south has the advantage early game.
  14. Ziggy_Dog

    Frontline Returns!

    2.18. It's a lot slower progress then the first time, and I burn out on it after 2 or 3 hours, which ends up being 6 to 9 games. But the credit, xp, and crew xp is worth it.
  15. Ziggy_Dog

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    I'd agree with Claus. I've been grinding the B-C 12t and the MT-25 lately and it's proven to be difficult at best. I could always count on getting the "Play your light Tank" missions easy to get, since there wasn't a lot of competition to getting spots, but with the wheelies running around all over the friggin map, spots are hard to come by. The autoloader LT's are better to fight the wheelies, but if you clip out and they're still alive, well.....