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  1. Ziggy_Dog

    Frontline Returns!

    I always load into FL in the Defender, and go straight to cap, regardless of attacking or defending. 50% of the time I rank up 1 or 2 ranks pretty quickly. I've kept engineering on most of my FL tanks as it speeds up capping and resets. After the defender I'll go with something fast like the LT-432 on attack or the Skorp G on defense. On attack I use the map to see where the defenders are light and go straight to the next cap. Again, it's a 50-50 crap shoot, but when it works you rank up quick.
  2. Ziggy_Dog

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Steppes

    I like this map from the south in a med or td. Go play the hill at F-0 and get early shots. In a slow heavy I'll go to H-1 if there is support. In lights I try to get some early spots at F-5,6. I think the south has the advantage early game.
  3. Ziggy_Dog

    Frontline Returns!

    2.18. It's a lot slower progress then the first time, and I burn out on it after 2 or 3 hours, which ends up being 6 to 9 games. But the credit, xp, and crew xp is worth it.
  4. Ziggy_Dog

    Tier X Contest

    An exact time when you have a lisp?
  5. Ziggy_Dog

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    I'd agree with Claus. I've been grinding the B-C 12t and the MT-25 lately and it's proven to be difficult at best. I could always count on getting the "Play your light Tank" missions easy to get, since there wasn't a lot of competition to getting spots, but with the wheelies running around all over the friggin map, spots are hard to come by. The autoloader LT's are better to fight the wheelies, but if you clip out and they're still alive, well.....
  6. Ziggy_Dog

    Tips for playing agaisnt t95/FV4201

    I found during, what seems like multiple battles against the t95/fv4201 that running away works best.😜
  7. Ziggy_Dog

    Frontline Returns!

    I like the mode. It gives me a chance to play tier 8 tanks I don't normally play, or become better in some I do want to play. Having the prem 8's I can earn a lot of credits and can grind some tanks I haven't finished. I was leery about playing the Lorr 40T in pubs cause i was getting wrecked. I've learned through FL how to manage the long reloads, somewhat, and when to pop out and try to wreck someone. I find it to be fast paced, and I can be more aggressive sometimes. And I don't have to worry about higher tiers.
  8. Ziggy_Dog

    February Scavenger Hunt

    Feb 5: CAZ7T933 (from XanderPTV on YouTube and Twitch)
  9. Ziggy_Dog

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    The Comet:
  10. Ziggy_Dog

    Booster Codes for January

    Cody Menz CC has a booster code: MENZNY19 More info from him at this site: https://wotguru.com/world-of-tanks-na-january-booster-code-scavenger-hunt/
  11. Ziggy_Dog

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Prokhorovka

    I like this map. In a med tank with good depression from the north or south I'll coast along the mid E 3-6 looking for opportunities. The south is stronger for shots into the hill at 9 line, in my opinion. I'll take a good sniper or bad hull down into the bushes at C 6-7 for shots into the 9-0 line from the north after the initial mid stroll. I love this map in a light. All kinds of things can happen. In a TD I'll blind shoot the crap out of anywhere I think someone is lurking.
  12. Ziggy_Dog

    Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

    The T54E1: this thing is tough. Either I do really well, or I have a crap game, no in betweens. The gun is so RNG unfriendly. I can fully aim and miss a whole rack of shots. I don't even get bounces. I have no idea where the shells go. Its slow too. Is the T57 better, other then being T-10? I hope so.
  13. Ziggy_Dog

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    Is this too dirty to post?
  14. Ziggy_Dog

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    Took about 75 battles, but i got it. Pretty much hate the tank though. Played 2 games in the T54E1. Pretty slow, but packs a punch.
  15. Ziggy_Dog

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    Did 2 battles in the Tier 8 on the test server yesterday. Weird tank. Doesn't turn as I expected, even after watching the many YouTube videos of the premium one, plus fighting 6 FV4005s on the red side was interesting.