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  1. Ziggy_Dog

    The Progetto Returns! 11 Days Only!

    I broke down and got one, now that I'm slowly going Italian. I also have great hopes that Frontline is coming back soon. At least that's what Meathead Militia was hinting at.(or, it could be my vivid imagination)
  2. Ziggy_Dog

    Derpsgiving 2018 (WoT Edition)

    I always thought the derp strategy was to press w and blast some face. Is this not correct?
  3. Ziggy_Dog

    Talk about Frustrating

    Trying to get to LT 401 in the missions last night was impossible. Played 30 games in lights, and you think I could get one good scouting map? Absolutely not. And to make matters worse, each team had at least three lights. It's a comprehensive, diabolical plot of WG to drive me insane, or, to be precise, more insane then normal.😵
  4. Ziggy_Dog

    BS Ban

    I use the Aslain (sp?) mod for this precise thing, (among a few other things). It won't let you shoot allies or wrecks.
  5. Ziggy_Dog

    New QB Code

  6. Ziggy_Dog

    New QB Code

    Missions for stuff, consumables, xp bonuses. I missed the tank rental ones.
  7. Ziggy_Dog

    Milestone of Sorts

    I said that mostly in-jest, but I know if I try to hard to win and not have fun it doesn't come. I've learned quite a bit over the last few months, but still make stupid mistakes, with early aggression being the worst. I started concentrating on light tanks to try and tame that impulse a little. 😁 I do pay way too much attention to my stats, but I can't help myself.
  8. Ziggy_Dog

    New QB Code

  9. Ziggy_Dog

    WoT Wheeled Vehicles Coming Soon!

    Please never the Duck again. That would be just plain cruel. Having said that and thinking about WG...
  10. Ziggy_Dog

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Himmelsdorf

    I've been playing mostly light tanks lately and I hate this map. From the south In the lower tiers i could hide behind the building at E-F 1 line. Was great for picking off red line arty and TDs. Higher tiers not so much. I usually get yolo'd and never have any help. Any spots for lights? I hate this map unless I'm playing a heavy with good hull down on the 3 line corridor.
  11. Ziggy_Dog

    Milestone of Sorts

    Have the same amount of wins as defeats. Now to work on the 92 draws. Lordy it takes a lot of battles to come back from early frequent mistakes. 😁
  12. Ziggy_Dog

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    First MOE on the T71 DA. Lots of fun in this tank.
  13. Pretty good T29 Game and T71 DA games
  14. Ziggy_Dog

    Supertest News

    Common test is available, and like I said I've tried playing on it thinking the new maps were on that. I don't have access to Supertest, nor did I even realize it was a thing.
  15. Ziggy_Dog

    Supertest News

    I've tried several times to play on the test server, but I'm guessing the ping screws it up for me. I can take fully aimed shots, close to a target and poof, I don't know where the shells go. 2/3's of my shots disappear. Maybe I'm just really bad, but something seems off for me. I've tried using the server reticle, but it doesn't seem to help.