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  1. Its a rectangular box with wires and people attached to it
  2. It's one of the best T-8 meds. The auto-reloaded feature makes it deadly end game if you conserve HP (which I rarely do) and use the shell reloads to your advantage, which I try to do.
  3. I try to get through it as quickly as possible. First couple of days I play maybe 7 or 8 battles and then usually 2 hours a day until I'm done. I think i finished this go round Thursday. I occasionally enjoy the battles, but mostly it's a mindless grind. I use mostly premium tanks with an odd tech tree thing if I'm grinding something.
  4. I got the bonus as well and it wasn't from an ace tank game. I'm wondering if it's from one of the other medals, maybe high caliber or that other badge with the sash.
  5. I dropped tags this morning. I'm going to miss Nismo and Mexas stimulating clan chat. I really think Nismo wants to date me, but he's not my type.
  6. I've been thinking that I'd like to switch to DHO-X when there is room. I can participate in a limited amount of Clan Wars due to the usual start times, but I've noticed some earlier games this go-round. I'd really like to try some organized play. I have most of the tech tree Clan Wars tanks, and can grind out the few I don't have. There is no rush.
  7. No, you need to research the T32 and all the equipment for the T29. Then the little tick box (Accelerate Crew Training) above the crew will be available.
  8. I love this tank in FL. Long clip reload of over 30 seconds, so you need to be careful where and when you unload on someone. Will pen all Tier 8 tanks frontally, I believe, (not where you necessarily want to be though cause everyone can pen you), and all others weak spots. Great flanking tank. Good credit earner. The Progetto is good as well and most people prefer it because of the auto reloader aspect. But pound for pound for damage I like the Lorraine better.
  9. I ground out the Tier 5, Pz. IV H in 4 battles, and the VK 30.01 P in 15, over 2 days, with the 3X and all the other goodies, lol. Don't even have time to train the damn crew.
  10. Nicely played. Love the way the Lynx just drove past 2 arties so he could cap
  11. Just finished the Type 5 grind yesterday Currently grinding the Obj 268-4, about a third through the Obj 263 In the Udes. That's gonna take a while Centurion AX. At the Tier 8 Centurion Mk1. Another slow grind 430U, at the 430 Obj 140. Cant make the T-54 work. I went through it once to the T-62A, but it is so different then the 430 grille 15, I'm stuck on the Rhm.-Borsig Waffentr├Ąger. But like the rest of this line after the Nashorn, it takes a while for me to get proficient. But man does it pack a wallop when you hit something
  12. ILOVEWORLDOFTANKS FIRE2019 ICE2019 The last 2 don't work yet. Stay Tuned For Further Updates
  13. Empires Border if I do pick one. Really hate that map. Not sure if I will though.
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