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  1. Hi thanks for the welcome. been a while since I logged in. just installed discord and wanted to try to connect to DHO. Dan
  2. 5 wins 10 kills 15K damage 20K experience. anyone see a geometric progression? can't wait to see what #13 will be: 65???
  3. you can buy a "day" on premium site. took me forever to get the 5 wins. picked the wrong tanks to try at first. my jagtiger 8.8 did it.
  4. same here. every once in a while my pings go high or the tank has transported, or shots are not seen but my damage list is longer.
  5. have the su-122-44 su-152 is my all time favorite working on the tortoise, su-122-54 (and obj 263), and T57. ready to get the JagdTiger. my JagdTiger 8.8 has most battles at 1800+. I like sniping with TDs. The SU-152 is my favorite sniper, especially the over the horizon shots. T95 and T100E3 are fun, too. I want to bring back my T28 Prototype as well.
  6. would not mind being in that new clan. baboon_5; TZ: EST; E100, IS4, OBJ268, T110E3, T110E5, ALL THE TIER8 LIGHTS, OTHER TIER 8S, TIER 6, TIER 5, TIER 4 looking for occasional platooning and strongholds. lost some fire for battles every week, but I like to help. not great, but I am handy. Battles: 42k + W/L: 49% Hit Ratio: 59% Average daily play time: 3+. interruptions from 6pm to 11pm Age: 69 not sure if I am doing this right.
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