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  1. bringing this back, anyone want to play on PC?
  2. I don't normally post on here but I was proud of this game and I wasn't top exp on the team.
  3. on patreon is there a way to make a one time donation or does it have to be monthly?
  4. So I wanted to share a great cause today, this week, starting yesterday a group of streamers are putting together a week long event and gathering in Tampa called Guardian Con. The event is broadcasted on twitch under the channel GuardianCon and the money is going to St Jude. Great cause, very touching event especially for dads. You will see this event in the news as they are already over 1 mil this year. Check it out, so big name streamers on there.
  5. i think my ingame name is shaggyx_321 I should be on tonight?!
  6. Anyone heard of this or trying it out??? its on PS4 and PC https://www.greybox.com/dreadnought/en/
  7. there is a game in beta like this, dreadnought
  8. Should I get it? What are the biggest +'s??
  9. Welcome back, hope to play some game in WoWs with ya!
  10. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/more-texas/ Congrats HoD
  11. So as the father of two young boys that are too young right now to understand about the evil world that we live in, how to do you keep them vigilant enough in the future to foresee these types of horrible tragedies that are occurring, in the past decade really, its a phenomena called school shootings. Since columbine I haven't really ever understood why school kids or young men would go to a school and shoot and kill other kids. I am not here to start a flame war over guns or no guns, I will leave my view out of this. I want to know what other experienced fathers are doing to inform and educate their familes how to see and react if faced with in this situation. I put this topic in the family section because it is members only. Joe
  12. We finally got enough DHO on and played 3 games, we went 2 for 3!!!!! Great time, thank you!!!!
  13. thank you for posting this, I was just on my over here to copy and paste but I didn't know what the rewards were.
  14. Can anyone confirm that these new containers net oil, I opened a bunch this morning, so if you see that I have more than 30ish oil that would confirm such. Hapa, can you check?
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