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  1. win or lost, Set one night a week to fight a clan battle/s Win seven Clan Battles while in Squall League or higher. During the Season, you'll get rewards when your Clan achieves a certain number of Clan Battle victories. However, only battles you participate in will count towards your individual reward. All tasks can only be completed only once per Season. Squall League Rewards #1 Win seven Clan Battles while in Gale League or higher. Reward 10x "Halloween" Camo 25x "Sierra Mike" Flags 25x "
  2. Deepcutter a stroke, aphasia, really communicate. TS speaker and mic put away.
  3. Went Water, seems like it was not a good pick, Can't seem to win a match of late, have nice dmg, kills but win is not in the books.
  4. Just sold my home here in CA. so going to be hit or miss when I get on, But once I get in my new home Red ships beware...
  5. There is no way I would drop Cash on xp conversion, Did hit 2 SC for 50k free xp in the last month or so. Just a long hard crap bum grind. and the best part of it, I SUCK at BBs :-( But can still make some coin in this baby..
  6. Just put a new ship in port, What a Grind....
  7. Look for me ingame DOH 2, Deepcutter, I'll run with you at any level.
  8. Atlanta in ranked may work in the EC maps, but any other not to sure, BB's and DD will be the Ranked ships for the most part, Just like it is every time.
  9. Copy that, See ya in game. just hope on the same team
  10. OK its time to start the grind, have all the IJN and USN DDs, and most of the RUS DDs, now I need the Germany ones. My big question is are they Gun boats or Torp boats or little of both?
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