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  1. I'm 36 and in the military, and while I think I've heard of them before, I wouldn't have been able to tell you what they were before reading the post. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Is there a way to change my group and description near my pic?
  3. Since I've been running zeta Savage on PH I, I figured I'd throw in my lessons learned, since it's not mentioned elsewhere in this thread. I can't speak to mods except that I have close to all 5 star mods and only one is lvl 1, the other 5 are lvl 15. I only chose to zeta Savage because when I bumped his gear to lvl 10 I noticed I already had the gear (or close to it) to bump him to G11. He immediately became my most powerful toon and I think I've only cleared GW once since I gave him his Zeta like a month ago or whenever it was. So I've never run him at G10 and don't have any advice for people who do. At G11: I use his basic and ignore the other droids unless grievous makes one of them taunt. If a taunt is up I try to focus down one of them to below 50% to work in Savage's special, overpower, to try to get in a few hits with CC up and CD up. I attempt escape as soon as it's available, unless I just did overpower and have the extra buffs, in which case I hit the boss until the buffs run out, then try escaping. If it fails, I've consistently been able to make a 2nd escape attempt a few turns before enrage, even if I prolonged the first escape attempt to get more mileage out of overpower buffs. If 2nd escape fails, I've always had a turn before he enrages to retreat. It's a bit demoralizing, but trying the early escape improves the overall likelihood of registering damages. Once the boss is below 50% you can use overpower on him directly. Since it doesn't do that much more damage than his basic, I recommend only doing that if none of the lesser droids is close to 50%. If any of them are, get them down to 50% and use overpower on them (if you have it omega upgraded) to get the extra critical chance and damage to use on grievous. Only time I came close to losing him was when the B2 dropped all the heals-over-time right before his turn and he got no healing on his turn and was below 50%. I idiotically continued instead of retreating and he stayed up until his next turn when he promptly returned to full health. I think the B2 buff drop just prior to Savage's turn is a once-in-a-blue-moon situation. Sorry for the wall of text. Composing this on a tablet.
  4. Seems like some folks already do this, but wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone has any feedback on this idea: It seems like the gear acquisition mechanic in the game is a little unbalanced, and we often end up with lots and lots of certain pieces of gear and not nearly enough of some items we desperately need. I'm sure that in some cases there would be examples where "one man's trash is another man's treasure" but the impression I get is that everyone is trying to get the same small pool of items to upgrade their characters' gear level. Since I don't really have any expectation of people surrendering their hard-earned rare gear pieces so I can gear up my toons faster, I generally request items that I have stockpiled in the hundreds, reasoning that if I'm able to pick them up in such large quantities, and they're sitting in my inventory doing me no good, then others are probably in the same boat with these particular items, and are therefore more willing to donate them in the guild donation function. Since there are achievements and rewards (sadly, no Vader shards for me, yet) from guild donations, it seems like a good way to make use of this function is for people to just request items they have in excess, increasing the likelihood that others can donate and earn towards their achievements and rewards. It seems like some folks are already doing this fairly regularly, and I've been trying to do it as often as I remember. I hope it's helping some folks earn rewards, and I appreciate the other guildies who are tossing me slow pitches to help me earn donation rewards. Thanks!
  5. Howdy! Just joined recently. I'm on the discord chat and already in the guild in-game. Just wanted to give folks my ally code and usernames: Ally code 692-846-765 Game name: Ben Rolo Discord name: Comeandtakeit1836 Happy to be here!
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