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  1. It's a gift from WG if you haven't played in 60-days or something like that. Showed up on my alternate account two weeks ago.
  2. Cross-posted on the DHO WoWS Facebook. If any of you play World of Warplanes, Steelseries has a sweet-bum code for you. Gives five Tier V planes, 3 days of Premium (which translates to WoWS), and 500,000 silver. Only catch is you have to sign up for a Steelseries account. https://games.steelseries.com/ucf/show/13831/boards/promotions/Giveaway/world-of-warplanes-bonus-code-key-giveaway
  3. Holy crap are these an awesome value!! Hapa pointed this out to me: once you get a particular Halloween ship skin, the next time it pops in a container you get 2500 or 5000 doubloons, depending on the skin. Long story, short, I got 55,000 doubloons!! Using the 25,000 doubloons/$99.99 rate, gives me a $220 value for a $150 expenditure. IMHO, these are as good, if not slightly better than, the Christmas crates, and that's without accounting for the 140,000 free XP, the hundreds of flags, the millions of silver, and dozens of camos that I also received!!
  4. Just bought this game, I'll gladly team up. TreeKillah
  5. I like that he took ownership of his screw up. Notser's review is pretty scathing as well, but he didn't include instructions to spam Wargaming's support ticket system, and call for the firing of the dev team that built it. The ship does appear to be trash, but he went a step to far in some of his language.
  6. Yikes, nothing like dropping a turd in the punchbowl then going on vacation for three days!!! Yes, I have sent PM's and Div invites to try to get attention. My intention with this thread was just to make people mindful of what I believe being in a clan should be about. Even if we aren't 1337 g4m3rz like OPG or -I-, we should div-up and try to spank some PUGs. Monitoring the TS shouldn't be burdensome, and if you remember to press your PTT key from time-to-time, you shouldn't time-out either. Jump in!! Div up!! If we are going to suck, let's suck together!!
  7. Guys, there are usually enough of us on each night to have at least one Div. Sadly, I'll be sitting by myself in TS while I see two, three, or four more of you guys playing battle after battle, but not logged into TS. Please, jump on TS. Let's div up, it's why we are in a clan, right?
  8. The Pensacola gets dogged for her armor, but those GUNS!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! So good!!!!
  9. Guys, if you are playing anything other than the Warspite in Ranked Season 7, you are doing it wrong. I had a 5 game win streak going at one point, and I have never been less than top of my team in the few losses I have had. Granted, I'm only at Rank 12, but she is a BEAST!!!!
  10. I Mutsu'ed for this Ranked Season. She seems pretty cool. Dunk is better than Izumo, in a way, because all her guns can fire direct forward, not just 2/3.
  11. This week's operation, Killer Whale, is relatively easy. Got 5 stars on the first try with a random team, in a Cleveland. Three Clevelands, an Anshan, a Ryujo, a Hiei, and a Konig. I've been reading that the Cleveland does well in this op, and I had great success. Top of the team.
  12. USN: St. Louis, Phoenix (I know, I know, but for some reason, I'm really good in her), Cleveland, Clemson, Nicholas, Fletcher. IJN: Haven't found one worth keeping yet. They all play the same to me, so it's like having the same ship, just a Tier higher. Not worth keeping, IMHO. Exception is Akizuki, because she's so different. German: Nurnberg, Bayern, Gneisenau RN: Fiji, Edinburgh, Neptune, not to Minotaur yet, but I'm sure I'll love her as well. Soviet: Same comment as IJN, all feel the same, not worth keeping, IMHO. French: not loving the line, but doing ok with it. Have
  13. Ok, after watching that Jingles video, I feel like we need to avoid taking DD's. Our force should be 1 CV, 3 BB, and 3 CA/L. Let the carrier scout, if needed, but scouting isn't really necessary, since the enemy will constantly be pushing toward us.
  14. Like I said last night: it's a whole lot of work for not much reward. There's something to be said about a decent challenge, but these are almost too hard. Maybe we need to try sticking within just a few km of each other and focusing fire? Sticking together gives us all similar lines of fire, and focusing fire is obviously the best way to kill them quickly.
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