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  1. Vikinger


    Check this out, Post Scriptum is almost out and its looking GOOOOOOD. Watch @ 10:40 for the Tiger Tank moving out, and then @ 12:26 for the exploding Sherman.
  2. Vikinger

    Kidney Stone... :-(

    My wazzooo just turtled up thinking about your wazzooo.... Good Luck man.
  3. Vikinger

    Object 277 – Tier X Soviet Heavy

    Sexy beast.
  4. Vikinger

    VIII-X Discounts

    Thanks for the heads up. I haven't been able to find the time to play lately, so I woulda missed this... but I did log in long enough last night to purchase the T-100 Lt.
  5. Vikinger


    Hell Let Loose The more I learn and see about this game the more excited I get. Its only $30 right now to become an Alpha level backer (Alpha access is planned to open towards the end of February)... I joined up! LINK HERE if you're interested.
  6. Vikinger


    Post Scriptum, Tank Gameplay.... a little different than WoT. Light Tanks Gameplay:
  7. Vikinger

    New Gaming Monitor?... What do you guys use?

    I can respect that! o7
  8. Vikinger


    This looks so good.
  9. Vikinger

    DHO-X members announcement about Advances

    @SGrant7 @mrholsy You guys wear Red shirts?
  10. Vikinger

    New tanks

    "Mobility, Firepower, and Sufficient Depression Angles." <- Sounds Good to Me! Cool new mechanic for the drum reload too. (or 'auto-reloader', or something...)
  11. Dads, I almost made a big mistake when converting XP this morning, and I wanted to post this quickly to get you thinking before you click too quick. As you probably know it is a Bonus XP Conversion weekend... Very Exciting! (at least for me) 1 gold converts 35 Free XP (instead of 25) from your elite tanks' surplus XP...... BUT BE CAREFUL! Make sure you uncheck those Russian vehicles you've been grinding XP on over the past several weeks in prep for 9.22, or you'll convert their Surplus XP to Free XP by accident. I barely noticed in time that they're on the list and checked 'on' automatically. Thank goodness my coffee had just kicked in. GL HF ~Vik Edit: Obviously, you don't lose this XP, it can still be used to unlock new Russian tanks, but you've spent Gold on something you didn't need to... it almost seems too convenient that they are having this 'Sale' right now, doesn't it?
  12. Vikinger

    Obj 252U available in February

    You got me.
  13. Vikinger

    Obj 252U available in February

    What's so special about the KV-122? This is what Wiki says: Compared to the other Russian Tier 7 premium tank, the IS-2 Berlin the KV-122 trades a lower rate of fire for improved accuracy and gun handling and weaker hull armor for better speed and maneuverability. It is very similar to a KV-85 carrying its 122, except that the KV-122 has notably better rate of fire and gun handling than the KV-85. The KV-122 is oddly similar to what the KV-1S was ages ago; a surprisingly fast and mobile heavy with a terrifying 122mm gun, trading a slightly weaker armor profile for the privilege of massive alpha damage. Taken all together, the KV-122 is not a proper heavy tank, in spite of its classification and use of a KV-85 hull. Using it as such will often lead to destruction. On the other hand, experienced medium tank players can use its often surprising mobility to react to opportunities and take advantage of distracted opponents at close range. Sounds kinda fun actually.... a heavy medium.
  14. Vikinger

    Obj 252U available in February

    I have a Love-Hate for the Defender lately. I loved it for 6 months, then I hated it cause everyone just shot gold during the Holiday event, but now over the past couple weeks I've found some love for it again. Honestly though, I am most excited for the advertised T-44-100 buffs...
  15. Vikinger

    Obj 252U available in February

    Defender is so OP. Makes great credits too.