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  1. Vikinger

    no topic

  2. Vikinger

    Whiskey Recommendations

    My go-to's: Woodford Reserve - Bourbon Bulleit - Rye Whistle Pig - Rye (a little pricey tho) Jameson Black Barrel - Irish Knappogue - Irish I don't really drink Scotch...
  3. Vikinger

    Holiday Ops 2019

    Exactly, and you should wait for the last day too... there is always a chance you'll RNG into a few more decorations that you're missing before you waste unneeded shards on the generator. 75 boxes got me close to 1 book, then I used about 8k shards to complete it. Currently, I'm at about 80% on all the other books, and have stock-piled about 35k shards... which should get me to at least one more book, and maybe a third if the Generator is nice to me. My biggest complaint is how they treat Defender vs Obj 252u. I already owned a 252u, but won a Defender, and now I have 2 of the same tank instead of the 11k gold... 😞
  4. My girls are still little and don't have cell phones of their own yet (8 and 6 yo), but I can already see the writing on the walls for 'difficult days ahead', especially when it comes to digital devices and listening to Dad... Modern challenges require modern solutions: Dad makes app that locks your teen's phone until they reply to your texts https://www.10tv.com/article/dad-makes-app-locks-your-teens-phone-until-they-reply-your-texts
  5. Vikinger

    AMD Build - Complete (~$900)

    That's a great build for $900! My Gaming rig is now 4.5 years old and I'm starting a build myself. In fact, I just spent my Christmas cash two days ago on a GTX 1070ti ($380 at the time of purchase) I'm aiming to fit in a $1250 budget and will re-use my current case (Corsair Carbide Air240 LINK). https://pcpartpicker.com/user/outonalimb76/saved/wcn4qs I was pretty settled on the build until I read this article yesterday about the Ryzen 3000 series: https://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2019/01/02/huge-leak-reveals-amd-ryzen-3000-series-details-16-core-monster-2019s-killer-processor/#53351b8b7f60 I was planning on spacing out the purchase of these components over a couple months anyway (as I recover from Christmas), so I will put off the CPU and MoBo until the end just in case the 3600X proves to be an incredible value or pushes the 2600X prices lower. Like yourself and Mykk I am also going AMD CPU, although its not my first AMD processor... My last two builds were Phenom II and then an FX 8350. They've always been solid performance for the price-point, and I'm very enthusiastic about the current Ryzen benchmarks, so I will continue with my loyalty. As a side not, the FX 8350 powers my Oculus just fine, so I'm sure the Ryzen 5 will be future-proof for VR (largely GPU dependent anyway). Of note, I will opt for Windows 10 Pro, instead of home. since it includes Remote Desktop as well as all the custom Hotkey features that Home doesn't offer (I macro a lot). ~Vik
  6. Vikinger

    Advent Calendar 2018

    I may have to invest in this one. My question is this: is it better to buy this from the Premium Shop or to buy Holiday Boxes and then buy this from the garage? Let's do some analysis: The Advent calendar deal is $57 US in the Premium shop or 11300 gold from the garage. (which is about $51 US). The Premium shop offer comes with some 'extras' tho, including an additional 3500 gold, plus 30 days of Prem time (2500 gold) = 6000 more gold for $6 more. Let's say that's approximately 17300 gold for an investment of $57, which equals 304 [gold/$]. We also have some data from the Holiday boxes; @ncpinz was generous enough to post his 'winnings' from the Holiday Boxes. LINK For the $100 US investment he earned 40650 gold as well as 30 additional days of Prem time (2500 gold), which equals 430 [gold/$] ** mileage may vary If we don't consider the gold he got for tanks he already had (16400), it equals 263 [gold/$] ** again, mileage may vary What I haven't factored is the additional vehicles he won from the boxes and their value.... Conclusion (my own personal conclusion): It would seem to me that the Holiday Boxes are the better value, even tho they come with some risk.(or reward!) ~Vik
  7. Vikinger

    Holiday Ops 2019

    Details are up on loot boxes: Some of the vehicles include the Defender and the leFH. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/holiday-ops-loot-boxes-2019/
  8. Vikinger

    New Tank - Lansen C - Tier VIII Swedish MT

    Nice! I loved the Leo, so this thing should be a blast!
  9. Vikinger

    Star Citizen

    This is how I 'play' SC too... LOL!!!! I started with the Freelancer, but the lack of vision in the cockpit is an issue for me. (this is a video I made on it LINK) I melted my Freelancer for a Cutlass Blue when it was on sale and have left it that way. My PC is 5 years old and is running a GTX 970.... I'm due for an upgrade, but I'm waiting for SC Beta to start and/or the first set of SDE-free VR goggles to arrive (but that's a whole other topic).
  10. Vikinger

    A Well-Deserved Reward

    Re-Rolls gonna 😥
  11. Vikinger


    Check this out, Post Scriptum is almost out and its looking GOOOOOOD. Watch @ 10:40 for the Tiger Tank moving out, and then @ 12:26 for the exploding Sherman.
  12. Vikinger

    Kidney Stone... :-(

    My wazzooo just turtled up thinking about your wazzooo.... Good Luck man.
  13. Vikinger

    Object 277 – Tier X Soviet Heavy

    Sexy beast.
  14. Vikinger

    VIII-X Discounts

    Thanks for the heads up. I haven't been able to find the time to play lately, so I woulda missed this... but I did log in long enough last night to purchase the T-100 Lt.
  15. Vikinger


    Hell Let Loose The more I learn and see about this game the more excited I get. Its only $30 right now to become an Alpha level backer (Alpha access is planned to open towards the end of February)... I joined up! LINK HERE if you're interested.