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  1. Hey Dads, How's things? I just got a Reverb G2 this week, and let me tell ya, its awesome! (really wish the latest video cards weren't sold out tho) This is my first 'modern' VR headset. I bought the Oculus DK2 way back when, but I haven't (re)invested in VR until now because I wasn't satisfied with the resolution (read as: 'too much screen door effect'). This headset's resolution is great!.... No, not 4k great, but 'Great for VR'... All I see is aliasing on lower/no AA settings, but no SDE.... win! Anyway, now I have a question for anyone who has played Fallout 4 (hopefull
  2. Necro bump. Open Beta for DU starting tomorrow (8/27/20). Anybody gonna sign up?
  3. I have never played WoW but an old guildy of mine from my SWG days has finally twisted my arm to give it a try.... I will be a total newb and Iā€™m excited about it. Been watching YT videos on classes and races. Looking forward to something new.
  4. No Sit Aware yet. My crew was fresh on the second go-around for the Leo, so they only have 1 1/2 skills unlocked (except Commander, I boosted him to get Sixth Sense, so he's at 2 1/2 skills) Commander: BIA, Sixth Sense, Camo (50%) Gunner: BIA, Camo (50%) Driver: BIA, Camo (50%)
  5. I had 93k XP saved on the Leo, and then I invested free XP to unlock all the modules, so keep mind that I'm not starting from stock when I voice my enjoyment with this vehicle. I've only got 15 games with it so far, but I do enjoy it and I seem to play it well. Pros: 1. Very nice Alpha 2. Respectable mobility 3. Good view range - 438m, with Coated Optics and BIA crew, but no food 4. Low profile - hide behind ridges easily 5. DAMN GOOD gun depression Cons: 1. Made of paper - no bounces, all pens; according to my vehicle stats my armor efficiency is only 0.05 in th
  6. I love it. I'm a casual 8-10 games-per-night kind of tanker, and if I'm lucky there're 5 wins in that many games, so the new Premium account works perfectly for me. I'm at 62k XP on the Used 14 5 in only a couple nights already šŸ™‚ At this XP pace I do expect a severe credit shortage tho... a whole bunch of unlocked and un-purchased tanks.
  7. Vikinger

    Star Citizen

    I haven't even tried running it recently. I'm planning on upgrading the rig this summer once the Ryzen 3000 series is released... I'll let you know then! I'm still running an FX8350, which is certainly feeling dated at this point.
  8. Vikinger

    Star Citizen

    Disclaimer: I haven't logged in to SC in years, I play by watching YT videos about the development.... But Damn, this looks good:
  9. Whoah, that's a lot of grinding! I need to focus more, or I end up feeling like I'm not making any progress....
  10. Hey Fellas, This weekend is a 1.5x XP weekend, but you need to enter this code first: 150XPWEEKEND042019 Details here: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/x-1-5-xp-weekend-0419/ 1.5 XP Weekend! Apr. 19-22, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET Wait ā€” before you start ā€” please enter the following redemption code: 150XPWEEKEND042019 MISSION: REWARDS: CONDITIONS: RESTRICTIONS: x1.5 XP Weekend x1.5 XP Be one of the top 10 XP
  11. Thanks. Hmmm.... maybe this isn't for me. Lately, I've been preferring 'mobile, long range damage dealer' for Prems, instead of 'brawler'. Its less stressful and seems to be more profitable for me (living longer + more damage = more credits) I will pass on this one.
  12. Anybody pick this thing up yet? Does it make decent credits? I'm currently at Stage 5 and on the fence for purchasing it...
  13. Saddle Up! You can do it! Yup, kids and puppies are in bed and the wife is out for drinks with the other mommies, which means it's time to erode my WR and pray for some x5
  14. I figure that this is precisely why they're pushing this. As a business they want more subscriptions, and the player base for WoWS must be big enough now that they expect many people to just pony up the extra $ for multiple Premium Accounts.
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