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  1. Juggernaut41

    [DHO] Strongholds - Tier VI - Wednesday Night

    Nice job! FWIW you cld consider mapping PTT key to something unused near W,S, A, D. Personally I use CTRL as I am quite used to hitting shift to zoom in with my pinkie... so I can still play when hitting ctrl... downside of ctrl is that is also what moves your cursor independently... but that hasn’t proved to be much of an issue.
  2. Juggernaut41

    Frontline Returns!

    I agree on the perceived increased difficulty of progressing. I actually noticed it even within the week. 1st day felt like old frontline where most didn’t really know how to play it. Relatively easy to make General/major. By the end it was a real struggle to get that far. Fewer yolo monkeys... had to dig more people out... relo more often... too many people aware of how to abuse view range... etc etc.
  3. Juggernaut41

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Serene Coast

    I violently agree with xtc. The times one should go beach, ice road, peninsula, valley are very limited. If you have a tank that could be useful in those places... all it takes is a quick look at the minimap to confirm enough friendlies to warn/hold before (ok, while) going to the unquestionably more useful spot. There are exceptions that prove the rule: - you are in a Foch B and you set-up to bury beach and then relo to a more useful spot (this is comp dependent and STILL not a great play, but I have seen it work). - top tier OP med without a ton of enemy tds... you can do a super agro ice road push. STILL not a good play as high risk and may end up throwing away your tank - hang out at camp in a hull down tank and do a delayed valley push. STILL not a great play but can work if reds mostly ignore valley AND 5 line. STILL... you get the point. Tl:dr play the percentages and go to the decidedly statistically more relevant areas... almost all the time.
  4. Juggernaut41

    Frontline Returns!

    Yeah, i’m at 23 and already feeling pretty burned out on the mode... probably done for this round even if I wasn’t going on vacation tomorrow.
  5. Juggernaut41

    Frontline Returns!

    Ur welcome. Stupid inside cat figured out that there is snow outside. Not going outside again soon methinks.
  6. Juggernaut41

    auto loaders

    Yeah, gun handling on the 40t is a touch better... progetto is little on the sloppy side. I’ve played both a whole bunch. I like the progetto better as can be continuously engaged. But do have a 1% lower WR in the progetto... both tanks have a decidedly statistically significant number of games played by me 😉
  7. Juggernaut41

    Frontline Returns!

    I don’t completely disagree with Mykk... I find the mode pretty grindy... yes, there are ways to make progress other than massive amounts of damage (assisted, defense and cap points), but it really is all about the damage. I played a bunch and averaged clearing well over 200k a battle (was running personal boosters tho and have a premium account)... pretty sure I cleared (included credit rewards) almost 2M credits on the night. 3 generals, bunch of majors, one captain and one leftenant (go Canada). Where I disagree slightly with Mykk is that being a total damage classy lady can be fun. When I re-spawn I look for which of the three has the most enemies (within reason) or if there are 2-3 enemies I know I can engage quickly. IMHO heavies are usually a waste of time. I did play a couple, but only when I knew I could wade into a bunch of reds pretty quickly. Progetto just deals in this mode. Can also stay alive a bit which helps with speedy respawns. Lorr 40t and then back to progetto or if unavailable, Skorp G. What’s better, defending or attacking? Meh, religious debate. Same chance of getting good//bad teams in each. I dont perceive an inherent advantage in either. Won and lost in each posture more or less the same amount... achieved similar spread of ranks... tl:dr Just farm damage like a maniac. Don’t yolo caps... pretty much ever. Edit: I like how the word I used to describe a person of loose morals was autocorrected to “classy lady”... a sexist autocorrect... too funny.
  8. Juggernaut41

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    As far the reversing thing... I have been thinking “imagine a really fast turretless td”...haven’t fully gotten the hang of it... but that mindset seemed to help some. I have used it as an active scout very sparingly for reasons described above. The good games I have had involved a ton of flexing/running away. HE is your friend in this as previously mentioned... ^panhard
  9. Juggernaut41

    So...you want to try for a campaign tank

    Holy... 4500 people work at wargaming? I would have guessed like 80. Says the guy who knows zero about the gaming business.
  10. Juggernaut41

    So...you want to try for a campaign tank

    Pretty sure Holsy has that reload... he has 3 sets of improved equip on his 907 i believe...
  11. Juggernaut41

    Hunt the Sheriffs: DHO version

    Wait, typo... I meant 300 gold
  12. Juggernaut41

    Hunt the Sheriffs: DHO version

    Good stuff... but... should an ex-DHO clan member be paid for killing another ex-DHO clan member? Hmmmmm... eh, what the heck... Kilo 500 gold coming your way
  13. Juggernaut41

    Help analyzing PingPlotter report

    +1 for wired. I spent a fair amount of time running cable in my basement about 2 years ago... ever since I have almost zero lag/ping issues... I'm sure the pros (or the lucky) can get wireless running really well, but the complexity goes up... see above 😉
  14. Juggernaut41

    Devastating Family Crisis

    Hey Grimm, Man, that is rough. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. It is all crazy hard, but one of the hard things is that it takes a long time for the pain of loss to lessen. People tend to not talk about the part that as hard as the time immediately around the loss is, the months (and sometimes years) after are equally hard. Sounds like you are maintaining as good a perspective as one could... and here is hoping that you can maintain that and above all, ask for help if you need it. Professionally or from those around you! Juggs
  15. Juggernaut41

    DHO-X roll call for CW tonight (Monday)

    Tues, thurs and Sat. This past Monday was a one-off