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  1. Juggernaut41

    DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

    Yeah, I’ve averaged 1531 dmg in the progetto over 193 battles and marked it awhile ago... has gotten tougher indeed.
  2. Juggernaut41

    The New Italian Tank Line

    Me too. I still like the mechanism better because I am lazy. Hitting the C key when wanting to reload a not fully spent clip is taxing. So is thinking about whether or not to hit the c key. Multo Bellicamosso.
  3. Juggernaut41

    BS Ban

    I stopped using the mod because... well... sometimes some folks could use a little tuning up 😜 I’ve only been banned once. I fell off the side of the hill on Prok (south side). Some genius on my team was wandering around near the pond. Somehow, someway... I landed upside down on top of him. I couldnt get off and he didn’t move. Dead. 1 hour ban.
  4. Juggernaut41

    Shoutout to Wotbot, Ethics and XTC

    Thanks for the calls tonight. Let’s keep it going. Only thing that matters is people willing to call and learning from the experience. I am in anytime I am on... which is a lot 😉
  5. Juggernaut41

    WoT on official DHO Discord

    Ah, that worked, thank you (and GPC)!
  6. Juggernaut41

    WoT on official DHO Discord

    Ok, I have tried everything my pea brain can think of and I can’t get into new discord server. On my phone I click on the official DHO server link on the home page and it takes me to discord app... but then it’s asking for an “instant join code”... any help? Do I need to join via pc and then my phone for some reason?
  7. Huh. I guess now I know why my name somehow got changed to :juggernaut41:
  8. Juggernaut41

    Temporary absences from the game (including myself)

    Yeah, it does seem like energy is down. Game is maturing... I believe overall server numbers are down... a few rambling thoughts that may (or may not) be helpful: (tldr: let’s not worry about stats so much and just Jump on and be willing to play with folks you haven’t played with before): I have been on TS quite a bit the last 3 months and I’d wager that I have tooned with the highest number of X guys over that period... I will guess that number isn’t higher than 10 though (although a couple of those, a whole bunch of times). I’ve platooned with a far higher number of dho4 and other DHOs though. I’ll come back to that point in a bit. I do perceive a bit of a “platoon penalty” dynamic that probably impacts desires to platoon... the 8s problem is well known... but it also seems like you get stuffed a lot with blues and purple platoons on the other side at 9 and 10. For those of us focused on stats (of which I am one... although that is changing) that makes it tough. Lots of DhoX guys have a ton of battles under our belts. Probably makes us set in our ways and, to a reasonable extent, a bit set on who we like to play with. I feel like that may explain why I have platooned with more other Dho than DhoX recently. Very few X seem to be comfortable just hanging in TS for awhile by themselves... and many login, take a peak at who is on, and the bail right away if they don’t like what (or who) they see... and by “like” I am not suggesting they “dislike” who they see, just they haven’t played with/ don’t know them. I could be better about it myself for sure, but maybe if all of us just stretched the comfort zone a bit... or maybe just say “who cares about stats for the next 90 minutes, I’ll just get in there and toon a bit with whomever” we could pick up the energy a bit. As far as organized play, I think it might be good to get some more callers up to speed... 0ntarget was a Wonka caller... Ethicsgradient was a caller... XTC could call... Black could call... I am sure others might want to. I think we could make it easier by saying “hey, if you want a more active clan... we need to get some new callers some experience..so let’s set-up some SH’s... understand that we may not do as well as Holsy and Sly are not calling... so let’s both show up and be supportive... new callers will make a ton of mistakes... keep your frustration and snarky comments under your hat 😜”.
  9. Juggernaut41

    Polish Tank Line & Tier VIII Premium HT Info

    I pretty much hate the tier vi, even though I have won more in it than I have lost... so far. The alpha is ok, but everything else is garbage. It’s painfully slow. The top gun handles like the gunner is blind drunk. Even when fully aimed I swear it has its own aim circle dispersion mechanic. And not in a good way. I agree with Circonflexe’s opinion, it’s like they took the Italian mid-tier meds and made everything about them worse. And the above experience is after going 2 for 9 (or something like that) in the tier V and free xp’ing the rest of that POS tank in a blind rage. I hope the heavies are worth this grind...
  10. Juggernaut41

    Polish Tank Line & Tier VIII Premium HT Info

    Uh... they tried to land perpendicular to the runway....
  11. Juggernaut41

    Blackroan's Tips for PM Second Campaign

    Will. Still. Not. Play. Artillery. That is all.
  12. Juggernaut41

    Ranked, where u at?

    In my limited O-hoeing, I give a +1 to blackroan’s advice to be a bit campy with it in many situations. Heck, I was in a tier X game where Novatanker camped base on glacier (east spawn) the entire game... in a Type 5. when you play o-hoe as a support tank, you stay alive longer... and derp fear increases with reduction in HP...
  13. Juggernaut41

    Epic Platooning

    We mostly went “non-standard” heavy tank ways. You could feel the fear from the mediums when we turned the corner or crested the Hill.
  14. Juggernaut41

    Epic Platooning

    Had to be the best night of platooning I have had in awhile. Played with a whole bunch of crazy characters and was one of those nights where the cookies crumbled in mostly the right ways. The end of the night was truly epic... the spirit of Mother Russia was strong with Jdizzle, Qwicksilver12 and I. Why? Because 3-man KV2 platoon. Damage done was high, enemy tears flooding the battlefield. 11 games. 10 wins. Vast majority of games saw 3 KV2s alive at the end of the game, still driving in formation in a cloud of glorious smoke and mangled enemy tank parts.