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  1. +1 on review. It is not... but it is almost... a medium... really nice entry into higher tier light tank play if you are not a big LT person...
  2. That’s quite the list! Still haven’t even got one. After I finish a couple of IX grinds I may turn to focus on trying to get one or two. I’m still trying to figure out how I haven’t managed to 3-mark the comet with a 1,287 games played, 1849 wn8 and almost a 59% WR. Maybe not worry about winning so much and do more damage/assisted? I suppose so...
  3. Math is unassailably true. Many people like to ignore math and choose to believe in fiction. This should make you mad... maybe even to rage... or at least to despair.
  4. Bit of an update. I just finished a two thousand game cycle where my recents dipped 2% below my overall on the front end and are now 2% above my overall. Wn8 recents slightly down. I don’t have the stats for the prior 2k games but pretty darn sure my average tier played is up an entire tier owing to a focus on Xs. I don’t think this particular instance is random chance oscillation, but Mostly owing to playing a lot more tens... will look at it again in another 2k games. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards... not sure that’s true yet... only one way to find out.
  5. We will be at 99 members by end of today/tomorrow. Obviously will have to start dropping folks for anyone new coming on after... I'll send out a DM prior... but the things taken into account for dropping: - Activity - Have you showed for org play - Current officer That's it. Lemme know if u have any questions.
  6. Nice! I played some too... didn’t seem like the bonus battles were optional... automatically applied for me. I had some reversion to the mean last night... only 2 games where I earned a chevron, lost a bunch so after 8 games I think I am one chevron off the floor...
  7. Hmmm... maybe I just got a lucky set of 20 games... I do expect it to be no fun to the extent I progress and have to play against 10 chieftains and 5 279es... I was in the top 3 5 times and was number 1 4 times (twice in steamroll losses). Even with that I only ended up with 11 chevrons at the end. a shorter way of explaining my post above is that being aggressively aggressive or aggressively defensive is the way to go... another point is stop thinking about winning... only think about how to be top 6 in a loss and top 10 in a win. also, video Kilo posted above is skill’s broken English explanation of the mechanics.
  8. It’s the exact same mechanic as the 5 optional XP boosters you get in pubs... except for chevrons. So... once you get beyond the 20 games... you can optionally use a “bonus game” to put a times 2 on your chevron. Catch is that you can only use one bonus game per tank per day. You receive bonus games at end of qualification round equally to the chevrons you have by end of that round. You also receive 12 bonus games at the end of the completion of each of the 3 succeeding rounds.
  9. So the quick skinny: - everyone has to go through a 20 game qualification round. You don’t really qualify for anything. The chevrons you have at the end of the qualification round translate into “bonus games”. Bonus games can be used to double a chevron (or two chevrons if you are top 3) in ensuing rounds. Only one bonus game per tank per day. - then 3 levels of progressive rounds... if you make it through all three you get a whole bunch of stuff... something like 6k bonds total.
  10. Your mileage may vary for lots of reasons, but a couple of things to consider: - The mode is indeed different than pubs, at least on the front end when you are generally mixed in with more purples/blues than in all tier X pubbie games. Having said that, all the fundamentals of good play are the same, just a few things become a bit more pronounced in importance - On balance, there is a bit more tendency for people to push early for damage. Because of this, look for situations early where you have good players around you where you can be aggressive. The likelihood that you will get support is marginally higher than pubs - Consider (further) de-emphasizing situational tanks... favor whatever tanks you play ok that have the ability to flex. This will minimize the chance you end up bottom 5 on a winning team... and give you a better shot of being top 6 on a losing team. - Passive TD play is a low probability way to progress in ranked - you are going up against a lot of good players.. they will generally be maxed out on everything... equip your tank and crew accordingly. Or, just know that you will he operating at a bit of a disadvantage. - consider strategic yolos in autoloaders. Already done enough damage to get you in the top 11? Have enough health to yolo a really good player in a strategic position and take him out? Almost always dumb in pubs. It’s occasionally not dumb in ranked. People are pushing for damage but still get held up by a purple in a good spot. Take him out, and things can change fast. Did this twice last night... both times the course of the battle changed a ton within 45 seconds. Has to be the right situation, but is worth considering Again, view the above as “changes on the margin”, not revolutionary... the fundamentals of good play remain 95% (or more) intact.
  11. Dig it! A favorite anecdotal breakout of games is that 1/3 there is absolutely nothing you could do to win, 1/3 you will win no matter what you do and a 1/3 you have a chance to influence the outcome (to varying degrees). This is over a very large number of games of course. I think it’s closer to 40/40/20 as not-so-gud players are around 40% WR and quite good are around 60% (with outliers above and below those numbers). I suspect that the standard deviation of WR is 5%... so 68% of players would be between 45-55% (ignoring ties), 95% between 40-60% and 99% between 35-65%... there may be observational skew as I suspect that high win rate players play more than low win rate players (with low win rate players churning more given influx of new players). Certainly at higher tiers...
  12. Closing the loop on this post. Played last night late after being on the road this week. Played both accounts: main: 6 for 8. 2638 wn8. 7 tier Ten games. 1 tier nine. alt: 7 for 8. 2100 wn8. All tier 8. granted, pretty awful run before last night that I haven’t caught up to... but I will. it’s just math, man.
  13. 17 for 56 now on a 1710 wn8. Zero light tanks. 30% WR. Normally I would be pretty upset. But with Math on my side, I have only killed one of our two cats ;)
  14. I’m not just a pretty face... wait, I’m not that either.
  15. Here is an intuitive way to think about it... which includes some assumptions/definitions/qualifications I left out for the sake of brevity... Clearly you have a 50% chance of a heads assuming a fair coin. If you conduct a high number of two flip trials, you will get heads half the time. So the “expected” result of a two flip trial is one head and one tail. Each flip is independent of the previous flip (sorry folks, betting on red on a roulette wheel because red numbers have been running is nonsensical). So the first flip has a 50% chance, and to get the expected number of trials you divide 1 by .5 to get 2. In order to get two in a row, the probability is 1 divided by (.5*.5). Because each flip is independent (the probability of the heads on the next flips has nothing to do with what happened on the previous flips), you have to add each probability of number of occurrences together. That’s where folks get tripped up intuitively. If you don’t believe me, I’m sure there is something on the inter webs to validate the maths. Edit: last one. What is the probability that you will get a heads on the next flip after 5 consecutive flips have been heads? 50%. What’s the probability that you will get 6 heads in a row? .097%. It matters both how you define the parameters and whether you are looking at the whole theoretical population or one sample (trial). As you approach infinite trials, your experienced reality will equal the probability. However, literally any combination is possible for one (low number of flips) trial. Ok, I’m done.
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