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  1. Whatsup man. Also from WA here as well. IGN is __juggernaut.. are u Cabo_San_Lucas?
  2. Think DHO would be a good fit until you get some more CW-ready tier Xs (277/5a, 140) and then move to DHO-X... unless org play is not your goal, then DHO probably better long term fit.
  3. Hey... looks Like I was too slow on the trigger... invite for DHO-X if FOXEY isn't a good fit for you... just DM me in discord...
  4. I’m pretty sure there is also a minimum number of different tanks... which once achieved can present the possibility of more than one confederate medal per side. The other day I got one with 2 others on my side. I didn’t check, but I assume we were tied in number of tanks dmg’d.
  5. Nope, sounds good! Lemme know when you are past your cool down period and will shoot you an invite
  6. 3. Not the most informed vote as I have never played it. Doesn't register on my fear gauge though. My impression is that it is ok-to-slightly weak.
  7. I put it at a 3. I think that I may not rank any X's below a 3... we'll see. Hmmm...just thought of one. Nvm. Will say that this tank causes me no fear. I'm not that good. If it doesn't cause me any fear....
  8. Hey, good to meet you. I'm sure our CO Mykk will be along shortly.
  9. I’ll simply say that there is no reason to be in X if you are not going to show for org play. Like to grind all the the fun missions and events? Great. All good. But if that means you never show for org play, no reason to be in X. It comes down to this in my mind. It’s just a pixel tank game. Sure. But a bunch of folks would like to be more competitive in org play. No chance of that if we don’t get continuous reps in org play.
  10. Obviously that is easy for us West Coasters... I dont have hard numbers on this, but my sense is that are not too may of us in the clan... and that sense comes from knowing who is typically on "late night"... but, certainly willing to give it a shot next campaign/season...
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