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  1. Juggernaut41

    WTH...I thought I was on the stacked team.

    I bet those 50Bs got caught on reloads and 200IQ guy and Claws platoon ate them for lunch. Although pair of zero damage games for that platoon on your team... that is pretty bad man...
  2. Juggernaut41

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Westfield

    Well said. I will say I have started to go south every now and then. Mostly out of boredom. It actually isn’t that hard to be productive there. Having said that, I only do it when the comp points clearly that way... and I will bail quickly on going there if there are only a few/none going that way.
  3. Juggernaut41

    Avoiding CW technical default

    No offense at all... that’s a bummer about discord for you... have you updated the client? I don’t know but have heard that discord is a bigger system draw than teamspeak... but that in and of itself shouldn’t cause audio issues. Did you know that you can turn up the volume in client? Also with individual people. I have some turned all the way up and some almost all the way down... apologies if this is ground you have covered before, just throwing it out there in case you haven’t.
  4. Juggernaut41

    Avoiding CW technical default

    One doesn't really matter and the "penalty" goes away after I think 5 days. If we get another one before the first resets, we lose one of our map placement allotments. I cant remember the precise threshold, but at some point, additional defaults mean you are frozen out of the map. This isn't really about the game penalties for tech defaults tho...
  5. Juggernaut41

    Avoiding CW technical default

    So, we had a technical default last night and a 12-person match. Wotbot sent out notice of battles at 3:34pm in discord. So it wasn’t like it was a last minute “try and rally” sorta thing. I get that folks like FL... but we had 10 of the 19 on joining for the first (tech default) and 12 of 20 on for the second (hard enough to win with a full team). A couple of things: - hopefully this was just a one-off miss - if you are part of dho-x, it is expected that if u are on that you try and join organized play on Tues/Thurs/Sat if we have it going on. If you can’t do that, reconsider if you want to be in X. If there is another issue that’s keeping you away, DM me and we can hash it out. I get that it hasn’t always been fun recently (but we have had our moments) and you may be frustrated about not getting in because of tank comps... but, again, either we have an organized play requirement or we don’t. We still have one. At least pop in to make sure we have numbers. - I know everyone gets this, but gonna say it anyway. Calling is hard. It is doubly hard when you spend 1-2 hours solely focused on getting on the map and putting strats together and then something like last night happens. Zero complaints from Wotbot, but it just isn’t cool to have him blow 2-3 hours on nothing. Also not cool for the guys who did show... that’s 45min blown for them. - we have 93 people in this clan. 49 have played in this CW season. Only 21 have more than 5 battles. 14 is the highest battle count. Granted we have a few inactives, but we have a big number not showing up at all, and another big number that show rarely. Stuff happens. But let’s try not to have the above happen again the best we can. Of course open to suggestions on this... fire away
  6. Juggernaut41

    Scumbag Game Play

    All of you lefty players are going straight to gamer hell. Btw - I have one in my garage thx to Xmas boxes. Of course I have never played it. I’m holding it hostage as a ward against evil. Kind of like hanging a dead crow in your backyard.
  7. Juggernaut41

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Tundra

    Interesting... totally get the with platoon idea... but seems like e3 is light tank or top tier med dependent... or not true? Bottom tier med or heavy at e3 would seem to be tough, no?
  8. Juggernaut41

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Tundra

    Anything new going on here? Not that I can think of. Hill still the most important, but can still win without taking it... sometimes. 1 line is just fricking boring. I’ll go there in a super heavy, but that’s about it. Lately I have been going hill early and leaving early if it looks too hairy or too crowded. I’ll then look to flank hill (risky) or go through ravine and up to cap (particularly from north spawn. Generally pretty productive.
  9. Juggernaut41

    Clan Wars - Season 11 update

    Hit a little bit of a cold streak from a winning perspective, but as strange as this sounds, I think we are still improving. IMHO last night’s strats were decent, as were the initial calls... just need to refine the mid/game calling and execution. Let’s try and stay with Fisherman’s, Prok and Ensk... just keep on getting reps on same maps as will be easier to improve. A couple of next day reflections on Ensk: -should have left E4 where it was... me pushing an E4 in open space by itself was muey stupido. Bubba has a 5k game if I left him there... and that decision alone likely cost us the win. - I needed to see they had a layered defense... I was frustrated that some folks didn’t push, but think they saw the futility of what I initially called once they got there. The better call is to push into near cap spots and look to isolate tanks... doing a yolo push across the cap right away wasn’t the right idea to begin with. Leave Bubba where he was and do above... and when pushing across cap was clear smart... THEN call for push - big picture for me: be more methodical with mid-game calling unless CLEAR early overmatch. We had positioning advantages that I didn’t exploit. - on execution: still need to work on focus fire/calling targets. And even if the call is sub-optimal... if push is the call... push. That means leaving a tank behind... be willing to lose your tank if in front... etc. Not sure if it would have worked last night (see above), but if push is the call and some do and some don’t... for sure not gonna work. We are 17 tanks away from 3k task... and about 85k dmg from 2,250 task. Let’s keep trucking. Oh and we had a quite competitive tier 8 SH match against pingu on fjords who brought 6 purples and 4 blues. @Mykk also did a really nice job calling on fisherman’s! Edit: I leave it to wotbot to mostly comment on fisherman’s. But think same basic comment as above. We had an early advantage... probz should have brought v4s to mid a tad earlier (and v4s should have gotten there faster)... seemed like we didn’t have a universal good heavy push in mid when it was called... but that might be wrong.
  10. Juggernaut41

    CW “meta” tanks that aren’t so meta

    Very helpful, thanks man! And I still owe you gold! I’ll get there...
  11. Juggernaut41

    CW “meta” tanks that aren’t so meta

    Claiming heresy and committing heresy in two consecutive posts. Nicely done!
  12. I mentioned this the other night about the V4... which got me thinking about a few others... V4: so it’s still good for a fast armor push. But I think that’s all it’s good for now. It’s dispersion at 100M is .39... which squares with my post-nerf experience. The thing just doesn’t snipe well. At all. Not that you would call for it in a sniper role, but when you get into longer distance shot situations... it just sux. The traverse nerf makes it pretty clunky on a push. Still workable, but... Sconq: we all know about the turret and the apcr gold round. But it’s lack of mobility is a thing. I also think we are collectively not that great at getting/staying hull down. 60tp is a viable substitute, but that does trade off accuracy, ROF and gun handling for a more forgiving front hull situation (hull down it is pretty beasty... not quite as good as a hull-down super conq or IS7... but pretty good) and a much higher alpha gun. I’m pretty sure 60tp is marginally faster, but not enough to really matter. 60tp is not a clearly better pick for hulldown applications, but in my mind it is somewhat better. Perhaps the best idea is to do a 50/50 split between the two. CGC: this is probably just a comp/map/strat thing... but inability to reach whole map all of the time shouldn’t be forgotten.... IOW it seems we just say “CGC” all of the time when another arty may make more sense... 50/53, T92 or even bchat arty for a camp defense role... I know... we don’t universally say CGC... just saying we (ok, me) shouldn’t just default to it without thinking... Any others come to mind? Disagree with anything above?
  13. Juggernaut41

    Clan Wars - Season 11 update

    Nice job calling last night The_Dad! Went 1-1 on prok. Completed a 2K points/gold task. In progress: 113 of 150 tanks killed 43k of 200k damage We are currently tied with 12 others for last spot for camo... will look to keep it rolling tomorrow (Thursday) night.
  14. Juggernaut41

    What Tank Can't You Win In?

    I almost lost this one...holy cow...banging my head on the keyboard after I die helps I guess:
  15. Juggernaut41

    What Tank Can't You Win In?

    The sad tale of Juggernaut and the progetto mod 65 continues...