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  1. Thanks to all for a fun campaign. We ran every night of the campaign. 51 members participated, 33 played 5 or more and 7 played 20 or more. We had 6 people call including first time calls (as far as I know) by Bombay and Sib, who both did great. Sib went 2 for 3, so pretty sure that makes him the DHO-X career calling win leader. We did seem to improve throughout with notable improvements in focus fire, pushing and individual communication. We had a nice combination of some new strats (well, for this iteration of DHO-X that is) on new maps, and working same/similar strats on maps that we have played a fair amount somewhat recently. A couple of highlights off the top of my head: - A down to the wire match against TEACH (a 1400+ ELO clan) - 7 arty comp win on El Halluf - Breaking the recent Steppes curse (more than once) - We still lost more than we won, but our CW elo inched up slightly and we certainly won more than in the last CW season. I think we have found our current ELO and can look to build from here. Areas for improvement: - our pushes can still be more tight and uniform - Calling was better, but still need improvement on mid-game recognition/flex and appropriate patience/aggressiveness. Some of the strats could be better... callers may consider trying to run the occasional advance as a legionnaire with another clan to pick up some ideas (even if it is what not to do). I think our strats on Prok, Steppes and Westfield are mostly legit, the rest are a bit more work in progress. - We had good participation, but would like to see more. If we are going to significantly progress in CW, it would be great if we could get to being able to occasionally run 2 battles at once. - individual execution. If we want to continue to improve, we need more people to play their tier tens more. Micro positioning is super important, and many more nuanced strats put greater stress on individual execution. If you are unfamiliar with your tank... - individual communication. We have some nice chatter and ideas happening team wide. Next step is to clean that up a bit by being specific and having a touch more of a filter. “arty in A0” and “277 in G6 taking fire from multiple in C8” and using F7 instead of saying “I’m spotted” are great examples of clean communication. “I’m getting wrecked” and “they are pushing” are examples of being too general or adding something the caller already knows. It’s also challenging if multiple people are talking at once... while the caller is also trying to talk. All of the above didn’t happen too often, but they are relatively easy things to clean up. Great job all. Will look to keep the org play mojo going a bit for rest of the summer by running tier X advances at least 2x per week. Ontarget is tee’d up to call this Thursday. Hope to see you there.
  2. +1 on Maida’s recs. Can’t go wrong with any of those. Having said that, while lstill great tanks, I feel like the czechs have been a little power creeped. There’s also the VTU to get through and that’s not fun. If I had to pick one, i’d Probably slightly favor the patton. The 48 is good fun and the 46 may be the best tier 9 med... that’s an argument, but don’t think anyone wouldn’t say it’s not one of the best.
  3. A couple of clarifying points: - 6,154 participating players refers to the number of players currently in the Alley of Fame and therefore the number of players eligible for rewards including ability to bid bonds for reward tanks. Need 5 battles to be included in the Alley of Fame. - I don’t recommend investing much of your personal fame in personal fame bonuses. I haven’t done all of the math, but a quick glance indicates that you’d be rolling the dice on us winning more often for the rest of the campaign than we have 😉 Investing the clan fame points to get 35% boost to future clan fame earnings is a pretty decent boost already. Recall that personal fame earned in a battle is equal to clan fame earned in a battle (plus personal fame bonuses). “Investing” means spending in this context... and therefore lowers your rank...
  4. Just invested our clan fame points to get us a 35% boost to fame per game. This likely means that the clan finishes lower ranked (and thus a lower clan multiplier on bonds), but am trading that off to give more people a chance to get bonds period as well as give more people a chance to get enough fame for something like a female crew member. I have spent a fair amount of time figuring this all out... so I think I understand it all now. Fire away with any questions about the below
  5. Hey, do me a favor and go to "general" and "introduce yourself here" and write a short note... part of our protocol. Thank you!
  6. Oh and we finally won a fricking game again on steppes!!! I know, act like you have been there... but still... haven’t won on that map in over a year.
  7. **Before commenting, quick reminder that we will run CW again tonight (Saturday the 6th)** Good night last night. 2-2 and if I hadn’t done a full hill push with meds on Prok mid-game, decent chance we would have won the last one. We beat two clans around our elo and were competitive with two clans 200+ higher in elo. We had some decent pushes and that was among the best nights of focused fire I have seen from us. Room for improvement, but not too bad at all. Two of the keys are we had some guys make a couple of good non-called micro(ish) moves and our overall communication was pretty good. Switching up the basic structure of the strats also seemed to be a bit better, so will continue on that theme. The structure of this campaign is that there are three fronts: Basic, advanced and elite. Furthermore, the research/fame point earnings from the basic front will effectively go away pretty fast for those clans winning a lot... meaning the top 25 (maybe more) clans won’t be on the basic front after the first couple of days. At any rate, this is a short campaign and we haven’t run many advances, so going to try and hit as many of the 9 remaining nights as we can... I doubt we make them all (I cant do Monday for example, but maybe xtc?)... we’ll see how it goes Let’s try and keep the positive momentum going. Hope to see you tonight. As a reminder, you need 5 battles in order to be able to bid bonds on reward tanks.
  8. For all you non-Discord checkers... just a reminder!
  9. Subverse, xtc sent you a DM on this...
  10. Yeah, I didn’t have any tier Xs above 2000 wn8... going back to >1600 I have: heavies: Maus, Ehundo, S Conq, IS7 meds: E50M tds: V4 I only have one tier X light, the t100lt with only 25 games. I have a number of Xs >1500... but mostly heavies... This further confirms my sense of my historical (relative) competence in heavies.
  11. Using >100 and > 2000 I have 12 lights: 3 tier 7, 1 tier 6, 1 tier 5 heavies: 1 tier 8, 3 tier 9 mediums: 3 tier 9 Generally squares with my observation/belief that I should only play 7s and 9s (and a couple of OP tier 8 premiums) if I wanted to maximize my stats...
  12. 44 here... decent spread across classes. I know I’m best at heavies... but do have a number of high performing (for me) mediums and lights. My worst class are TDs... they mostly require patience...and, well, yeah.
  13. I'm only up to the 8, but for right now, I have to agree... its purdy good 😉 ...
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