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  1. 10? Come on man. 30. 30 is a lot of games. I don’t know if I have ever hit 60 in a day. Hit the 40s and 50s on more than one occasion back in the day. This year hitting the 20s is typically my max.
  2. I concur. It is a bit of an acquired taste... but the gun is stupid good. Very good credit earner as well. Also a great tank to practice planning ahead as it is slow as mud (as German heavies are). Hull down it’s pretty tough. It takes pro level side scraping skills to make brawling work... so avoid straight-up brawls if u can.
  3. I’m as much a fan of form over function as the next guy, but occasionally I falter
  4. I replied to Black in game... but just so no one thinks this went unresponded to (and for general knowledge)... mostly make the strats up from scratch or copied (ish) from legionnaire action with another clan. YouTube is pretty sparse from CW strat perspective... but there are still a few useful old ones that can be mildly adapted to today’s map layouts. There are far more knowledgeable folks in our clan, but FWIW, this is what I think I have learned from a meta-perspective: 1) Vision is extremely important. Win vision. Exceptions would be some kind of yolo strat (really not a good idea). As in all things, balance is important, so don’t sell the farm to win vision. Having said that. Win vision. 2) strats with a ton of moving parts are not great ideas for us. To pull those off we need callers operating at a high level and have excellent awareness, reaction and micro-positioning across the entire team. Maybe some day, but not today (or tomorrow). 3) spend as much time thinking about how to react to contingencies as you do on initial set-up. So many times I have been in a “great, we all got to the spot(s) I wanted... now what”. 4) recognizing when to push and when to fall back takes a ton of reps (duh). Be on guard for the too early “do something” push... but don’t wait around indecisively either. Yes, I am aware of the contradiction 😉 5) Blob strats are ok. Feels like having 2-3 distinct groups that support each other are often a touch better. Don’t have more than 3 tho... 6) Slygambit advice: if you think you should bring one light, bring two... if you think 2, bring 3. Medium good clans and up seem to be bringing 2 lights to kill the enemy light on one side. Have even seen 3 lights on one side to kill their 1. 7) vision that dies early is a huuuge handicap. See point #1.
  5. I corresponded with actondad in game... @Actondad DHO-X invite coming tonight.
  6. For reasons I struggle to explain, the panterra is a much worse tank for me than the progetto 46. It seems the progetto handles better... i’ll have to go look at the tank stats to say more, but I have a pretty big WR/dmg spread between the two after a pretty high number of games in each...
  7. Awesome Black, thanks for stepping up! oh, and congrats on your promotion to combat officer! 😉
  8. Well, I knew my somewhat easy work schedule wouldn’t last forever. I’m about to enter a 2-3 month period of extensive travel, some of which is extremely time zone-challenging for US Time zone tanking. Current officers are also either in status quo availability, or somewhat less upcoming availability. What does this mean? I’ve reached out to existing officers and we (including myself) will still get some organized play going from time-to-time... but a regular 3x per week schedule is unlikely to be met. Make some additions/changes to officers? On the table, but the reality is we would need others to step up to call... the only thing that requires an officer to set-up is CW... Comment below or DM me with any suggestions or offers to volunteer...
  9. Yeah, +1 on it’s only fun for me if I am trying to get better. There are lots of different goals as already discussed above. Hepius and I have similar goals, but at 36K games... moving any stat now is very hard. For example, for me to get to 54% WR I would have to run at close to 56% for another 36k games... and that’s a multi-year proposition.... not to mention that I am not a 56% WR player. Well, not unless I solely spam a certain subset of tanks, but that would be both a hollow achievement and hellaboring. My solution is that I now use my main account to play Tier Xs a lot and for relaxed social play... on the latter, I still try and get better of course... and do pay attention to whether I am improving my tier X WRs/wn8s... but typically am not laser-focused on every single move and won’t make more ruthless flank-bailing, damage-farming decisions that I would if I were not platooned. Also Tier Xs are hard, so playing them a lot really smoked my stats... but am climbing back so feel like progress is being made. I’ve got about 1k games in an alt account where I focus on tanks I play well (but not just a handful that I would if I were trying to max WR/wn8) combined with an eye towards tier X meta tanks. I play that account in short bursts... and quickly stop playing it if I am off or hit a bad streak. I use the main account to get better at higher tiers and the other to, theoretically, mark where I am with more immediate statistical reflection. I probably won’t play Xs in that one until I feel like I am closer (more-or-less) to the apex of what I think I can do in a given tier X tank. Very much feel like I am still learning at that tier atm. Is it a bit silly to do all of the above? Yeah. But it is a pixel tank game, and the above is fun for me.
  10. All good (of course!). I had my 277, IS7 and 5A all locked at one point. My 113 was staring at me “you know you can’t drive me even as poorly as those other three”. E5 was that kid hoping to picked for dodgeball “come on man, I can still do stuff!”.
  11. Going to attack out and/or defend the land we won last night. Why? Mostly because we had such a high turnout last night and the structure of this season really doesn’t allow for many games on any given night. Totally optional. If you feel like playing come on in. If not, don’t sweat it. Times coming...
  12. I’d add that the accuracy ain’t great... And second all of the above. The quick burst is nice.
  13. Post for those of you who still fear Discord 😜
  14. So, horrible timing for this season. End of August plus Labor Day. For that reason alone I lean towards us not participating. Add in that it is “province owning heavy”, meaning there are little-to-no (maybe “no” as I can’t find any) missions for which we can earn rewards without owning land. Only the top 50% of clans get camo... But... - the map is huge, 33% bigger and clans who own land cannot participate in landings - there is a “low gold” section of the map which when combined with the above means we wouldn’t have to play any of the stud clans... This structure was put in place to encourage more clan participation. However, it would entail holding land for us to get anything... and we are not set-up to do that. Map I go back to thinking we don’t participate. If enough people convince me that I am wrong, we’ll give it a go. Please comment on this thread! Edit: starts today and goes through September 12th
  15. Black, you are much better player than I, but gonna throw you some opinion anyway. Bottom tier heavy against tier Xs? Ya gotta know that ain’t gonna work and your tank knowledge will be blown up by the gold spam you speak of... I don’t disagree on the need to change the mechanic (I like the idea of lower dmg for gold rounds...)... but it is what it is for now... and can be managed to some extent.
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