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  1. I still have never 3 marked a tank. The only time I ever paid attention was when I randomly noticed that I was at 93% on the T20. I then tried and dropped like a stone. 2 marks: Bishop, T-34, T20, M6, Grille, T32, Churchill III, KV-1, AT2 1 mark: 71 tanks -- too many to list
  2. Yes. Without stacking on top of IRS, I feel like I am better off sticking with LNE.
  3. 🎇 Black, the pz 1c sucks now!!!
  4. Adam, you didn't say what the contest is. Highest base XP, right?
  5. Wow. Learn something new every day. I only vaguely know what an Xbox is
  6. Oh-- that's the issue. (I couldn't find the ign either) We don't have an Xbox clan. You are welcome to our website and discord anyway. Let us know if you take up the PC game.
  7. Hi Haikon72, What is your in-game name? We need to figure out which subclan might be best for you. Thanks, xtc4
  8. I got to 6 this last time. I can't play FL that much. Don't absolutely hate the mode, but don't love it, and matches are sometimes too long to fit into my real life. The only reason I got to 6 is because I discovered a way this time to semi-enjoy it: I played my wheelie as much as possible and ran all over the map like an idiot. Didn't give 2 f***s. If my wheelie was locked, I did the same with the lt-432. Progetto was only my third option. It was amazing what could happen in seemingly vacant corners of the map: picking off arty, circling lone tanks, sniping rears from a distance, and ca
  9. Hi British tanker, me and bad animal are here from vpg. Best wishes. Edit: oh yeah, also ethics gradient, vettish, and archaic, but they haven't been very active lately.
  10. Looks good. Thanks. (Personally, I might be a bit more strict about player skill and the 5000 PR than we have been in recent times. But that is not an issue with how this thing is written.)
  11. They wanted to keep it classy.
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