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  1. Absolutely. The team should at least have a warning/delaying force on peninsula side. A peninsula push will win on occasion -- just like a valley push, an ice road push, or a beach push. But they are all low percentage plays. A halfway decent team should be able to get back towards base to defeat these pushes when they emerge.
  2. xtc4

    Stronghold Resources

    Go 5 line. Scares the bejesus out of them.
  3. The team that controls the west side generally wins. Go there. Several maps have a place like the west side on this map. Maybe this is a good time to review why this area is key: mostly because it is flexible. The west-side brawl generally plays quicker, and once you win there, you can go forward, back, or sideways relatively easily. You can drive to other parts of the map that might need help. If you go to island, you are in a funnel, you are inflexible, and you are not going to help anyone else very quickly.(Another good example is mountain pass. You must win south, which is the high ground and is the flexible part of the map. Ice road is a low funnel and is inflexible.) Don't tell me that you are going to island just because you are in a heavy. You might as well have a bot play your account if you are not going to think. And if you go to island in a hull-down heavy, you should be institutionalized immediately. Or I might need to be institutionalized: I start convulsing uncontrollably when I see something like a T29 -- which can dominate the key northwest corner -- go to island. And don't tell me that you are not going towards the northwest corner because they have arty. Boo hoo. If they have arty, you have arty also. Spot for your arty and make it play better than their arty.
  4. xtc4

    Frontline Returns!

    Interesting numbers. I played quite a bit of tanks (for me) and only got up to 19. I also wonder if the credit earnings were as generous. I feel like I might not have been earning at quite the same rate. Do we have numbers on that?
  5. xtc4

    Frontline Returns!

    Maybe @SGrant7 could give all of us his few top tips?
  6. xtc4

    Frontline Returns!

    So what are your favorite tanks? Here are mine. M40/43. Embarrassing, but I can probably get major more consistently in this than any other vehicle. Enough targets are not staying artillery-safe that it can fire immediately when reloaded. Still, it doesn't earn much credits, so there isn't much point to playing it. T32. A sleeper. This tank shines at the key hull-down brawls, especially at the beginning of the match. Also has unusually good view range and long-range accuracy for a heavy. Average speed for a heavy limits it somewhat in mid-match. Pick it for your first tank, and then pick something faster for the second tank. Progetto. And here is the second tank. Great flexibility because of speed and auto-reloader. Dominates mid-match. Can be slightly lackluster during the initial brawls because of fragility. Earns lots of credits as a premium, so it must be the mainstay. 50 100. Fast, flexible heavy with a big clip and good view range for a heavy. Mine has a good crew and equipment to alleviate the derpy accuracy. Lack of armor requires you to carefully choose the time to yolo.
  7. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Sand River

    I've always thought the key to this map was getting a good crossfire going between the south edge and the middle ditch. But the whole map is playable, so you have to read the deployments and go with the flow. The new F1 sniper perch seems to have changed things quite a bit. It now seems difficult to rush out to G5 from the east spawn and get spots and shots without getting wrecked.
  8. xtc4

    Experience with Wheeled Vehicles

    I started at the tier 6 Panhard. So far, reasonably good, but not a keeper. The key seems to be mastering how to drive it, especially in reverse. The reverse speed combined with the depression let's you do some nasty peekaboom.
  9. xtc4

    Use Your CW Campaign Fame

    Extremely helpful PSA. Have a 💓.
  10. xtc4

    So...you want to try for a campaign tank

    +1 bro. Better you than me.
  11. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Ruinberg

    Excellent write-up @gpc_4. Indeed, I tend to favor #1 from the north and #4 from the south when they look viable. I would like to find a way to aggressively play the middle from the south, but haven't found anything to compare to #1. #4 played properly can really give an advantage in the city brawl. BTW, in arty from the south, I like to go to K5ish, which lines me up with the #2 position and also gives me shots at #1. This is a pretty good map because it is truly all playable and provides options.
  12. Hello friends. We have threads for introductions and clan applications. But they seem hard to find for those new to the website. (I even have a hard time finding them.) Can these threads somehow be made more prominent, so that someone new can see them instantly? We get many applications through the WOT website, and the difficulty of finding the threads on our website many contribute to that. BTW, I took the initiative of making a small edit to the clan description on the WOT website, making clear that applications should be through our website.
  13. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Redshire

    I don't know about this one. I generally prefer the 1 line-3 line push. Both lines try to advance together and crossfire. You win west and then face the reds who went east. On the other hand, teammates are liable to either go east en masse or misplay the 1-3 lines if they stay west. So I try to stay open to going different directions depending on what my teammates are doing. That's always a good idea anyway. Maybe it is a sign of a good map that I am often uncertain which way to go.
  14. xtc4

    DHO-X roll call for CW tonight (Monday)

    No to tonight. Yes to Tuesday.
  15. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Prokhorovka

    Caveat: Type 5 is rough with 2-3 arties. With 0-1 arties, it is great. Poke over the middle ridge and blast people. Tip for poking mid with the Type 5 or anything else: Poke directly at the rocks at E4 and E5, going from one rock to the other. Look to fire obliquely when you poke at the rock. Your targets probably won't be aimed obliquely at you, and the rock will stop most fire from straight ahead. And by alternating rocks, you can confuse reds who might wise up if you poke twice in a row the same way. But be very careful about poking the E5 rock if you might get crossfired from hill.