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  1. xtc4

    Scumbag Game Play

    Hey! I have never fed my lefty crew and have suffered because of it. 431 matches. Only 61% win rate.
  2. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Tundra

    Like I said, I do the e3 play sometimes. I definitely do it when I have some speed. There can be trouble from ahead, you can get long-distance sniped from hill as you back up into F3, or you can even get flanked if some fast red plays the river. At the same time, there are opportunities in different directions. You need speed to be able to flex straight back, sideways into 2 line, or sideways up the river as things develop.
  3. xtc4

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Adam, someone from DHO should be along to invite you, if they haven't already.
  4. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Tundra

    Agreed -- hill still seems to be the priority with 1 line sometimes a good play depending on tank and team comps. Also agree that driving along the river to an opportune ramp can be profitable as the match develops. I'd only add that I occasionally play 2-3 lines depending on the circumstances. An early spotting run up the 3 line from the south can be helpful.
  5. xtc4

    Clan Wars - Season 11 update

    Agreed. Those 3 maps are good, the strats are good, and we will better execute with practice. I am still thinking about Prok and might make it a project to work on it further.
  6. xtc4

    Scumbag Game Play

    That's it! I am buying a value pack of croissants this weekend for my lefty crew.
  7. xtc4

    DHO-X Clan Wars Info

    Holsy reminded me of this thread, and I am reviving it because we restarted CW. Lots of good advice.
  8. xtc4

    Clan Wars - Season 11 update

    I might want to keep working on Prok. If we do the 1 line push, we definitely have to account for tanks double-bushed at the red line. I may have ideas.
  9. xtc4

    Scumbag Game Play

    That was so wrong. I hope your crew enjoyed the croissants and coffee.
  10. xtc4

    Blocking Maps You Dislike - 1.5 Update

    i don't think I'll block anything. Even the maps I don't really like are . . . different. Sometimes on a long carriage ride it is a comfort to change positions and be bruised on another spot.
  11. I liked mm in the small number of games that I played. BTW, there are no reasonable changes to mm -- or to any other part of the game -- that will substantially lessen blowouts. It is in the nature of ranged fire combat that advantages tend to snowball. You can look up Lanchester's Square Law. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lanchester's_laws Sometimes I get in a rampage on the WOT forum trying to answer everyone who complains about blowouts. Players have to appreciate that a match can be "close," even though a tipping point is reached and a snowball starts rolling that results in a lopsided final score. It seems like WG listens to invalid blowout complaints and makes stupid changes to the game in response. For example, simplified corridor maps seem like a futile attempt make the game more like ancient linear combat in which Lanchester's Square Law wouldn't apply.
  12. xtc4

    What Tank Can't You Win In?

    The closest thing to a "good" tank that I did really bad in is the tier 8 Pershing. It is interesting because I like every other American medium (and heavy) that I have played.
  13. xtc4

    Your OP tank of choice.

    Type 4. I feel dirty.
  14. xtc4

    Your OP tank of choice.

    Any tier 7 light. Lately the EBR.
  15. xtc4

    WoT Clan Invite Requests

    Invite should be out.