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  1. Recently bought the batchat and super conq. Now I'm grinding swedish TDs. Just finished the tier 7 and ready to buy the 8.
  2. Nice. Thanks. I play once in a blue moon. Entered these and all but 2 worked.
  3. DHO-X most often does team stuff on Tues, Thurs, and Sat around 10 ET.
  4. I was the opposite. Pantera 60%. Progetto down near 50%. But I think it is random: my damage is a little higher in the Progetto.
  5. I generally avoid a standard tank in FL. But every once in a while I pull out the 50 100. It can be very effective and great giggles.
  6. I do feel a little lost playing when I don't have any goals. In the old days, my main goal was simply to win more. In the last couple of years, my main goal when pubbing has been to grind out the best tanks for team play. Because I like variety and I don't play a huge amount of pub games compared to some, just grinding out tanks has been a big enough project to keep me interested.
  7. I got the T20 to 93% without trying. Once I noticed, I started running food and trying. Down now to 87%.
  8. I am not personally set up to hold land because I would probably play the usual 3x/week. Like gpc, I am not against bashing it around a few nights with the understanding that we are only in it for the fun.
  9. Yeah, I'm also worried that anything WG touches turns to sh**. WG seems incapable of making appropriately gradual changes. To be sure, balancing is probably harder than we can imagine. But there have been so many seemingly obvious and inexcusable cases of overbuffing or overnerfing. At any rate, I'd like to see something done. Weak/strong spots are a good mechanic, and the current economy does not seem to appropriately penalize premium spam that largely neutralizes the mechanic.
  10. Nice video. So 4Tankers advocates not shooting HE at wheeled vehicles. His tests show that the tires detonate the HE so that it does not penetrate. He says to shoot anything but HE at the side of a wheeled vehicle.
  11. I am probable for every night, except Monday and Wednesday. Can't do those. Would be glad to call some so it is not too burdensome. Would be great if our infrequent callers could do a little. (Sly, Dad?)
  12. I got to 0.28!!! A few more sergeants and I can get to 1.
  13. 45%? Wow. Zero. Nothing even close. Here are some criteria that will actually produce a few results: > 100 games, >1400 wn8, <50% WR. T28 prot, Spersh, FV3805, Hellcat, T1 Heavy, Rudy, T49, CGC
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