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  1. Hi Pappy, I play nights during the week, but don't hesitate to hit me up for a platoon if you see me. I like playing at tier 4 with my Luchs.
  2. Callers should get a smaller share. Speaking for myself, I was uh kinda bad. And, yes, I remember that clan tools thing in my old clan. It is good -- puts the onus on individuals to sign in if they want gold, rather than requiring one person to do the admin work. Also allows people to sign in if they show up, even if they don't get picked.
  3. Bummer. On balance, ranked is more fun than FL.
  4. I have been wondering how blueprints work. They seem random? I have a lot of discounts on tanks that I would never want to buy.
  5. I ran the question on the WOT forum. An interesting debate has started with good players on each side of the extinguisher v. food question. An otter guy is pro-food for everything but superheavies. Another good player is the opposite, running food in his Type 5 and nothing else. Another seems to be advising that lesser clans might want to stick with the consistency of the extinguisher. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/602792-consumables-for-cw/page__fromsearch__1
  6. Equal shares for everyone who played any battles are probably fine. It is all for one and one for all. And that's what Stalin would do. I personally don't feel like doing the work to split it up into fair, various-sized shares; that calculation would have to be something like: player's gold payout = aggregate team gold × (player's number of battles ÷ aggregate player-battles).
  7. Do you have good advice on what consumables are best for CW? My relatively uneducated feeling has always been that you get the best boost from dropping the fire extinguisher and running food plus firefighting directive. The firefighting directive is a bargain at the cost of 2 bonds. But, while the directive gives some protection, it doesn't give the same level of protection as the extinguisher. Therefore, I make an exception for tanks that have a high chance of burning. For those, I will keep the auto fire extinguisher and run some other directive. The real complication is figuring out which tanks have a high chance of burning. We are given stats on the chance of engine fire. But isn't the location of the engine and fuel tanks the most important factor? I don't have a great idea of the locations. I just rely on bits and pieces of advice that I have picked up about which tanks tend to burn. The upshot is that I keep the extinguisher in my 140, T-100, and IS-7. In those I run directive rammer, optics, and rammer, respectively. I drop the extinguisher for food and firefighting directive in my Type 5, Maus, 277, 5A, and 50B. These choices seem to work out pretty well because I have rarely been "burned." Am I doing the right thing? What do you guys think about consumables?
  8. I'll quote Holsy from last time: Win hill, win the match. I take everything to the NW hill. jpe100 vs 3 arty...hill. bottom tier LT....hill. -4 gun depression...hill. For a map that only has one way to win...I still kinda of like it. Hill is usually quickly decided which is why is is important to win vs the SE. You'll notice good players tend to play the part of hill that is closer to the village. There is a bit of a flat spot there to peak over on. When there is a ton of arty you still have to win north. Take your HP over there, get splashed some, but contribute. I approve of this message.
  9. Sorry for threatening to sick Throckmorton on you guys. That was dirty pool. We probably had less guys playing last night than I originally thought. A few guys were logged on but hadn't played in a few hours. You all were probably not as remiss as I thought. Still, it is good to remind everyone that you should get in the match if you are playing and the word goes out that we are shorthanded. Usually we have enough guys in match that there is no pressure. But once in while, I will be yelling: "Has the whole world gone crazy?! Am I the only one around here who gives a s#@* about the rules?"
  10. Thanks, I can't remember the code thing. Made it to the T30 in the on track. Getting lots of KV-2-like giggles. Every time I hit someone, I think, "That musta hurt."
  11. Hey! I have never fed my lefty crew and have suffered because of it. 431 matches. Only 61% win rate.
  12. Like I said, I do the e3 play sometimes. I definitely do it when I have some speed. There can be trouble from ahead, you can get long-distance sniped from hill as you back up into F3, or you can even get flanked if some fast red plays the river. At the same time, there are opportunities in different directions. You need speed to be able to flex straight back, sideways into 2 line, or sideways up the river as things develop.
  13. Adam, someone from DHO should be along to invite you, if they haven't already.
  14. Agreed -- hill still seems to be the priority with 1 line sometimes a good play depending on tank and team comps. Also agree that driving along the river to an opportune ramp can be profitable as the match develops. I'd only add that I occasionally play 2-3 lines depending on the circumstances. An early spotting run up the 3 line from the south can be helpful.
  15. Agreed. Those 3 maps are good, the strats are good, and we will better execute with practice. I am still thinking about Prok and might make it a project to work on it further.
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