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  1. I'm with Jackson. The T-10 is awesome. It can go anywhere.
  2. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Lakeville

    Valley doesn't seem as batshit crazy as, say, beach on overlord. (It is batshit crazy on encounter. And lately I have seen many teams going valley on encounter and getting wiped out in the city. Did I miss a memo?) But a lot has to go your way to make valley work. I would still go city whenever possible. In a light tank, I will often rush out to 7 line edge of lake from South or 8 line edge of city from north. I'll spot the red lights and TDs across on lake road. This move usually seems more profitable than a dangerous yolo onto lake road to spot the crossers.
  3. xtc4

    KV-2 Fun w/ Blackroan & MBK

    Stalin approves. KV2s do not retreat. Die where you are.
  4. xtc4

    The New Italian Tank Line

    Both 8s are good. I have been doing a little better in the Pantera, probably because it stands up a little better to my yolos. Forget sneaky.
  5. xtc4

    BS Ban

    If you tell that story to the jurors, what would they think.
  6. Dad, We combat officers are able to start the boosts, and I did it a couple of times lately. It is making the stuff in the stronghold that calls for XO level. Holsy, Yes, I've been organizing fastbois lately. I've been calling them, too, when I can't get anyone else to do it. But I don't feel competent to call anything but fastbois, and people seem to get disheartened (very understandably) by bad calling at tier 10. So I haven't tried to organize anything but fastbois. It sounds like Juggernaut or Ethics gradient might be roped into calling tier 10s if I keep badgering them. We could use you, bro, even if it is once a week.
  7. X has been running strongholds lately, and it looks like we may be getting low on some stuff, especially arty strikes. Can those who have the power -- commander and exec officers -- take a look at the stronghold and replenish whatever looks low? Thanks!
  8. Well, I wasn't going to run skirmishes again tonight, but now I will try to be on. BTW, I don't mind snarky criticism of my bad calling. Please do so. It helps. I also strongly invite others to call. We used to do a thing where all 7 take a turn calling skirmishes. It was a blast. I am not ready for 15-on-15 calling. But if you masochists demand it, maybe I'll organize advances once in a while -- maybe Saturdays. Your safe word will not be respected. Or a better idea might be if someone else -- like Juggernaut -- could commit to organizing Saturdays. I remember him commenting that he might call 15 on 15. Ideally, we could have 3 people, one organizing Tuesdays, one Thursdays, and one Saturdays.
  9. Update. My old gaming laptop has something mechanically wrong with the hard drive that will cost $800 to fix. No go. There is a happy ending. Our brother dad Juggernaut took pity on me. He gifted me a gaming laptop that he was no longer using. You know what? It is a little better than my old broken one. So a huge thank you to Juggernaut, one of our many wonderful dads.
  10. I don't get it. 😐
  11. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Karelia

    No bright ideas. Winning south brawl usually seems to be the key in regular mode. If I have speed, I may try to win hill. If no speed and we seem to be losing hill, I'll probably play at the corner; I don't want to go far southeast into the ditch and be eaten up in a crossfire. But if my team seems to be winning hill, the ditch is a good position. In attack in assault mode, I like the delayed rush right up the middle. You have to wait and make sure the middle is clear before you go. Then, when you drop off the hill, there are rocks in the field that you can put between you and the reds as you rush. (See that line of rocks in f6 and e5?) When you get to the other side, you go from ramp to ramp, poking up, spotting for your snipers, and taking shots if possible.
  12. xtc4

    Ranked, where u at?

    Yes, they are all derps. O Ho is the only bad one. Tier 7 and 9 are keepers. When I was grinding the line, I was always training an extra crew in the O-I and Japanese Tiger for the keepers.
  13. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Himmelsdorf

    Here is an interesting recent thread on the WOT forum debating going hill v. staying on the bottom. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/580066-the-hill-in-himmelsdorf/page__p__11754443#entry11754443 In the thread, 4tankersanddog posted a video advocating the hill. I responded: Thanks for posting. If I understand this, you go hill all of the time. You looked at 19 of your matches, and 15 times the winner of the hill won the match. While this sample is interesting, it is difficult to glean much meaning because (1) 19 matches is statistically too small of a sample and (2) It is not a random sample, but a sample where an excellent player is in every match, that player is driving a fast tank, and that player goes hill every match. In the other posted video, you have lemmingrush, an excellent player who never goes hill and feels like he has success -- although, to be sure, he doesn't provide numbers like you. You will note an interesting part of his video where he talks about the meta. He thinks that hill used to be better when less players went there, and he could push quickly through it. Now he thinks that more players are going hill and that it tends to get stalemated. I have seen other excellent players -- Zeven, for example -- who are also anti-hill. My impression is that hill is a "mixed bag," as an earlier poster stated. The dynamics of the hill-bottom interplay dictate that the area that gets less bogged down will probably be the decisive area. So you should probably go where you think that you won't get bogged down. And whether that area is hill or bottom can change depending on your skill level, your tank, and where everyone else is going. Many excellent players who are capable of pushing go bottom because they don't want to be out of the battle for extended travel time; their early bottom push tends to make bottom the decisive area. Personally, I tend to go bottom whenever I can, but will go hill on occasion when the circumstances suggest that I will be stalemated at the bottom. I am certainly open to more evidence that hill is decisive.
  14. xtc4

    Warning: SPG discussion

    My only input is on the FV304. For me, it is a shadow of its former self. The American tier 6 seems like the best now.