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  1. xtc4

    Updated Tank - IS-3A - Now with a clip!

    This is uncharacteristically reasonable, Jug. I felt a little better last night after I came up on the flank of a yoloing 3A in my batchat 12t. A clip into his front drive wheel was a great lesson for him, and a wonderful tranquilizer for me.
  2. xtc4

    Updated Tank - IS-3A - Now with a clip!

    Good observation and this is where I disagree with QB. He complains that it is overpowered. He also complains about the gambling aspect of trying to get one. His solution? Put it on sale so everyone can get one. No way. I hope it doesn't go on sale and remains rare. To be sure, I don't know how many are out there from people who got them before they were buffed. I don't think too many. In any event, WG shouldn't complicate the politics of fixing the problem by making them common.
  3. xtc4

    Tier X marathon

    Thanks Jug!!! How about something that motivates tier 10 play, yet gives everyone a chance and involves good performance and not just endurance? Somewhat conflicting goals. But maybe most damage by a tier 10 platoon fits the bill.
  4. Just watched the IS-3A videos. Are they out of their minds at WG? After two years of unbalanced, pay-to-win tanks, WG can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt. These tanks are not stupidity. They are an intentional cash grab that brings in money in the short run, but that is killing the game in the long run. I am the one who is stupid for continuing to participate and buying my 360 days of premium a few days ago. Do I compound the stupidity by getting an IS-3A? 🤑A team of these in tier 8 strongholds will roll over anything that they can get close to.
  5. xtc4

    QB Vid on State of the Game

    I agree almost 100 percent with everything QB says here. Things really hit the fan a couple years ago with the terrible new matchmaker and the rash of horribly balanced tanks. And 1.0 was meaningless to me because I don't care about cosmetics. The game is still good, but it has been going in the wrong direction for a while now and could be so much better.
  6. So I have been periodically selling my "not compatible" modules. Today I realized for the first time in tens of thousands of games that my depot is filled with unused modules that are compatible with my tanks, i.e., the lower modules from keeper tanks that are fully pimped-out with the highest modules. Those lower modules don't get sold in a "not compatible" sale. So I made about 4.5 million today selling the lower modules. Just letting you know, in case you are ignorant as me....
  7. xtc4

    Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Murovanka

    Agree that it is often a good idea to win forest and then flex through the buildings to the west. But 2 caveats. First, pushing the 1 line can be extremely productive from the south spawn, especially with depression. You start at that hull-down position around G1 and see if the reds will push into you. You then advance along the 1 line towards the hull down position at E1, perhaps getting side shots at the reds on the 2-3 lines. Second, if your team lemmings west, it is not the worst thing in the world. After you win west, the red pubbies often can't figure out how to cross from east without getting wrecked, even though it shouldn't be too hard.
  8. xtc4

    Advent Calendar 2018

    5 percent and a bowl of soup
  9. xtc4

    Any Knife Makers Here?

    Nice. BTW, you are a very furry guy.
  10. xtc4

    50 Garage Slots?

    You can buy them and hoard them, like Manhattan real estate.
  11. The Japanese line is one of the easiest grinds I ever did. Tier 8 is the only dog. Tier 6, 7, 9, and 10 are all at least bordering on overpowered. The only reason to dread it is if you hate playing derps.
  12. xtc4

    Welcome talon04 to DHO!

    Does crabbing count? From my home in NJ, we just paddle out in a kayak with a net and scoop them up. True fish story. Welcome Chris.
  13. Various tier 9s: almost done with T-10 for object 277; just started baby bat; leisurely grinding Standard B and Patton. Finished T49, and @Cpl_Maida has to convince me to spend my hard-earned credits on the Sheridan. After I get done with some of that stuff, my next project may be the dreaded Super Conq grind.