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  1. They wanted to keep it classy.
  2. Exactly. Schedule one and find out. It might work on Saturday.
  3. Love mine. Pluses far outweigh negatives. I'd add that it is probably my best tier 8 credit earner in pubs.
  4. Hi Gigachip, What are you looking for? Basically, we have DHO and DHO-X ("X"). X is for people who want to get into a little more serious tier-10 team play. For X, it would be better if you had at least a fast heavy (e.g., 277, 111 5a) and a 140. But your Maus and E3 might get you into some battles in X. Or you could opt for DHO and could always transfer to X later if you want. What do you say? Best wishes, xtc4
  5. You think they are soft? When I am 3-5-7 top tier in the T54 LW, I get hull down and bounce stuff off the turret. Good brawler. Edit: Forget it. I read it wrong lol. Yes, it is a med or heavy when top tier.
  6. Agree with the review. Good tank. But I almost never play mine anymore because the tier 8 premium wheelie is so good.
  7. Hi @rewguy79 and @davbird. Please set up Dave/_Rust_Bucket with an invite to DHOriginal. Welcome!
  8. Recently bought the batchat and super conq. Now I'm grinding swedish TDs. Just finished the tier 7 and ready to buy the 8.
  9. Nice. Thanks. I play once in a blue moon. Entered these and all but 2 worked.
  10. DHO-X most often does team stuff on Tues, Thurs, and Sat around 10 ET.
  11. I was the opposite. Pantera 60%. Progetto down near 50%. But I think it is random: my damage is a little higher in the Progetto.
  12. I generally avoid a standard tank in FL. But every once in a while I pull out the 50 100. It can be very effective and great giggles.
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