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  1. I don't get it either. But that's gotta be an alt account or something... https://wotlabs.net/na/player/waizu_neko
  2. Looking for an invite to DHO.  Recently dropped tags from DHO-3.


    "DOHHH!  I see I already have one.  Thanks!

  3. Hello! Looking for an invite to X I think... Let me know if I can be of benefit! Have IS-7, E5, E4, Obj 140, T-62a, Patton (oops. forgot about the cool-down. Will be available at 23:23 on the 28th)
  4. Paulcet

    BS Ban

    Got an insta-ban once. Hit a friendly twice, BOTH times were completely by accident and due to him being in close proximity to the enemy but behind bushes I couldn't see through. The last shot killed him and that was it. I wanted to apologize but couldn't for the one-hour ban. After the hour was up I did send him a message but he didn't even remember it. I like SGrant's suggestion for after-action review of the friendly fire.
  5. Ok, late to the party here as usual, but I think my $.02 may be worth at least $.03 in this thread. I am one of those who doesn't really like to platoon much. Seems like if I don't know at least one of the others in the 'toon, I don't enjoy it much. So I don't get on TS and don't 'toon, so I don't know anybody.... Self defeating I know. One thing I DO enjoy that actually helps me get to know you guys is skirmishes and advances. Sometimes I'll stick around a run a few platoons since I'm already in the mood. DHO3 used to do skirmishes on the weekends, and occasional CW. But summer (of '17?) things really slowed down because of vacations, family time, hardware problems... That fact has had me thinking of hoping over to X, if you'll have me with my tomato skills. So when I get an invite to an advance from Holsy or to skirmishes from XTC, I'll hop in if I'm not deep into a grind or just about to go to bed. Like others have said, WG has made those things less attractive. Calling: I hate to do it. The suckage is evident and it's just not my thing. I'll take my turn if we are doing it that way, but I think my WR is about 1 in 6? But I want to give a thumbs-up to any one who wants to do it. Particularly Holsy for his calm demeanor and clear instructions; and XTC for explaining his strategy and great sense of humor.
  6. Like Kilo said.... Last night I went up there late game and easily killed the enemy med that went up too early, then helped our remaining heavy clean up by raining fire from above and behind.
  7. Not sure if the demonetization debacle made him move off of Youtube but I wouldn't be surprised.
  8. In addition or instead of this, I have put my status in the description by my nick in TS. Something like "grinding T6 prem" so if someone wants to join me they know what I'm up to. Making a temporary channel is probably better, but I thought I would put this out there in case someone doesn't have the perms to create a channel.
  9. Updated leaderboard still shows the top two battling it out. QB's latest video made me look, and wow! 580 battles in the last 24 hrs. Notice the survival rate.
  10. -Blackroan does not suffer from this. I got whacked, pasted, shellacked, and thoroughly exterminated by him this weekend. -What?! some people want to play with sound off? I can't think of any advantage.
  11. Read it with a Russian accent and it will make perfect sense to you!
  12. Clearly you missed this part:
  13. The Meltdown/Spectre bug affects AMD as well. Maybe more, maybe less... And some crypto currency mining runs better on AMD's GPU, so they are scarce as well. I think the Vega 56 is comparable to GTX 1070, and I'm seeing similar prices and availability.
  14. Well, I've been casually looking for 970s, 1070s, and 1080s for a couple of weeks. Wow. You can't buy a 1070 or 1080 at a tier 1 retailer for less than a Grand if they even have them at all. And the 2nd tier isn't much better. May as well buy a Titan XP for $1200? Used 970s are going for over $300 unless on Fleabay and those are over $200... I think I'm just going to wait for the cryptocurrency crash!
  15. Same here... Saw some kind of jitter on Medium but probably playable. That is, until there are 29 more tanks to show me while playing the real thing. So, I have a Core i5 6400, 8GB ram, and a GT730 card. What do I need to upgrade without breaking the bank?
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