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  1. I thought each team was limited to 1 arty per sector (3 per team), but apparently if the arty moves to another sector another arty can then spawn. Finished this game and noticed that my team had 5 arty.
  2. Not exactly a battle, but I don't think I've ever had a night like this. I'm trying to get my 2nd MoE on the M44. Played 9 games tonight and won them all. Got me up to 84% and I probably should have kept going but needed to get to bed..
  3. 75 boxes, got new to me tanks: M4 Improved, Turan III, KV 220-2, Defender and 105 LeFH18B2 Then got gold value for duplicate tanks ( E25 (x2), Skorpion G (x2), M4 Improved (x2), Turan III (x2) and KV 220-2 (x2) Net: 70,450 Gold, 76 Premium days, 1.8 Million credits, all 4 skins and Simon Claus.
  4. That's cool, I'm not sure if mine updates in real-time unless that is something recent. Question... How did it come up with 519 dmg to use for the calculation?
  5. My last game of the night and I encountered a bug where my gun would turn left 105 degrees whenever I entered sniper or arty mode. I'd be looking straight ahead but the gun reticle would be off screen to the left. This was my 8th game of the night and it happened in every tank for that game. I had to play the entire game trying to use auto aim to lock on to distant targets. Oddly enough, this was the game immediately after my first rank of General in which I played almost exclusively as arty. Guess that pissed off the WoT gods.
  6. I played 7 matches and went 5-2. I think I was only attacking twice and went 1-1, so on defense I went 4-1.
  7. I get that and I guess I'll just have to choose one that is white, but I thought previously I could choose a custom color for it. All of the preset ones are either black or white.
  8. Yes, the center marker is what I am talking about, but how do I change the color of it so that it is not a tiny black "+". I know that I had previously had it yellow or red to make it easier to see but I don't see the option any more.
  9. Do I need a mod in order to change the color? All I can find in settings is how to change the gun reticle shape. I'm sure that I had done this before 1.0 but can't remember if it was a mod or standard configuration. Right now it's just a tiny black cross-hair that I can't see unless I point it to the sky. I am finding it impossible to use the auto lock feature because I can never seem to get it over a tank while on the move.
  10. I guess I could see it both ways. I just thought that having already known all of the background story made it easier to follow along in the movie since they have to remove a lot of the minor details to keep it 2 hrs. I guess I'd have to hear from someone that had not read the book first to see whether they found any of the story progression confusing.
  11. I saw it over the weekend with my son. It was a good movie. As always there were some major differences from the book, but the story still works out. I enjoyed the book more and was glad I read it first, but I still enjoyed the movie.
  12. In your main WorldofWarplanes directory you should have a file called wgc_api.exe. That will open a launcher program that lets you launch any installed WG game. If you click the arrow next to the play button you will get the option to launch the game and clear the cache. That has resolved my hanger issues and occasional hanging when launching into a battle.
  13. Try clearing the cache from the Launcher. That resolved a lot of my lock ups while loading into a battle.
  14. I don't recall, but I did install and play the beta version of the game while my son has never done that.
  15. Didn't work for me either, but it worked on my son's account?
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