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  1. It works....got some Sci-Fi camo and a container.
  2. Of the 24 members, ten don't even have a drop of oil accumulated......what the hell? There needs to be a restructuring of our clans.
  3. The Missouri will earn you more free XP faster. And, do you have the Steven Segal captain? Perfect fit for the Missouri.
  4. I hope he gets better. Prayers for a recovery.
  5. Looks like I understood the concealment incorrectly. There will be concealment, but the loaner T10 ships are not allowed to equip camo.
  6. I only have a Gearing for T10. My Fletcher has a 18.75 point captain, and I have one other 19 point capt....Steven Segal, which is useless in the loaner German BB. So it looks like I will be doing the DD thing for clan wars.
  7. We need to find out whom our good BB drivers are, and take inventory of what tier 10 ships players have at the ready. I only have one T10....USS Gearing. Two T9s that are not even close to getting to T10. Anyone have a Khab? We are going see a lot of those little armored cruisers, as their weakness (aircraft carriers aren't allowed). If I'm reading the rules that WG posted, there will be no concealment, which is the strength of DDs. I might need to my grind my Baltimore.
  8. Or as WG intended....buy one of their T8s at over $50 a pop....freaking genius money maker.
  9. Rulesto review past tournament results and Clan tests. The tests showed that carriers in well-coordinated teams... Provided perfect reconnaissance over the entire map Seven Players, One Battleship, No Carriers We’re using the same 7v7 format that proved so successful in Ranked Battles. It offers two undeniable advantages: Provides balance when assembling a team, as even a small clan can regularly send seven players into battle 7v7 battles are dynamic and give a good balance between personal skill and team play, and while the first ship spotted is less pron
  10. ....WG gave everyone a free 19 point capt to put into the Warspite and Dunkerque
  11. I am a little worried that the Big E will be released with wimpy T7 aircraft. The AP bomb dropping dive bombers sounds like a winner though.
  12. DB4100

    Big E

    T8 CV noob fest. There will a ton of players using CVs for the first time with the Big E. Last year WG bundled the Atlanta and the Atago together at about a 40% discount for the Battle of Midway anniversary. I hope they do the same with the Enterprise and Kaga.
  13. an increase rate of fire of something like 15%, but the trade off would be an increase risk of detonation of 25%. As did the British fleet at Jutland where they by-passed the safety features in the main gun's magazines for a faster rate of fire. Due to this practice the British lost 3 battle cruisers to detonation hence the famous quote "There's something wrong with our bloody ships today" - Admiral Beatty
  14. Got a selfie with the Kaga recently
  15. But is WG going to offer up these ships as a reward like the ARP ships? According to what WG said in their announcement they will available for purchase.....huh?
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