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  1. Yeah. Very sorry to hear about this. Had several bouts with cancer in our family and it is a difficult process. You are in my prayers.
  2. Bummer about no more tourneys.
  3. But will the 430 be like the current 430 but with less DPM? Seems weird to change the lines to give them more continuity and then make a tier X that is a high alpha/low dpm tank in a mobile, high dpm line.
  4. So does it make sense to buy the T44 now and start grinding?
  5. When I see you on I will gladly grind tier IX with you. That said I am gone in Oregon all day Saturday and hiking Sunday.
  6. But will they really??? I mean I was in the Army and have always been interested in tanks, but I didn't buy a Thunderbolt because it was Abrams WWII tank...
  7. Why?? I must be missing something here.
  8. Will look for you as well, Sly, and try to carry my weight :)
  9. Yep. Going to have to just dive in and make it a habit to play Xs every time I'm on. Will probably start playing through the 8 I have to figure out which ones I can do the best at and then narrow it down to playing 2 of them regularly.
  10. Great. Would be good to hit the tonks together again. Haven't really seen you much since tourneys died out :(
  11. Tried to read Lord Jim once, but couldn't get into it. Is Heart of Darkness any better? So I've got volunteers to play Xs with then ;)
  12. Typical for me. I didn't have more than 30 battles in any one tank for a rating, but had 209 battles total for the month. Go figure ;)
  13. Hello All, I want to start playing more tier X battles this year. One, so I can be more proficient when called on for advances and two, so I can work towards earning an advanced piece of equipment. I spend so much time grinding tanks to tier X and then I never play them, which is really too bad. So when you see me on, if you want to play some tier Xs then please hit me up and since I am very inexperienced in them, I am always looking for advice as well. Thanks, guys.
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