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  1. Anyone else try this game out?
  2. Well, I need to update this. I bought 3 more lunar boxes because I'm worried about getting the camo as my time to play drops off in the next week. Got a Firefly VC and a Panzer IIIK. So I thought, my luck's changing and bought a mega gift with doubloons (1250). Got 2000. Did this 3 times, so made 2250 doubloons and then on the 4th one got a Huanghe with 10 point captain. None of those are amazing but at least I got something this time around 😉
  3. Wow! Nice stats in that sucker, Grant. Assume you have it marked.
  4. Says the guy with a 53% WR. I would kill for a 53% WR!
  5. Got it. Will add 4 to my Steam list 🙂
  6. I didn't get much from the 22 boxes in WoT so I decided to try WoWs. Got 24 small boxes (w doubloons), 8 big boxes, and 1 mega. Received some doubloons, coal, and lots of camo--no ships. So 55 boxes later I have some gold/doubloons and two low tier vehicles to show for it between the two games. Wow, what a disappointment this year. It truly did seem like gambling, in that the house won 😉
  7. Ah ok. Power of positive thinking, but with goals. Well, I suppose if nothing else it can't hurt. No, I wasn't joking. Not much of a gamer. So PvE is like any game that existed pre-cable internet 😉 I will have to see if any of those are on Steam. Which one of the Mechwarriors is the best in your opinion?
  8. What is this new age focus wheel you speak of? What is PvE?
  9. Man you guys are lucky. I felt like mine was a huge bust. 22 boxes: 8750 gold 700,000 credits 5 days premium sexton Tier II AMX Firefly VC No skins, tier 8 tanks, nor commander--mostly extra gold...
  10. You guys have any goals for 2020? - get my WN8 average over 1500 -3 mark a tank that is tier VIII or higher -be more focused so that I have at least 3 tanks with over 500 battles -complete T-55A mission
  11. I have a theory. Not mathematical. Probably not true. However, it is directly related to your comment Wotb0t. It seems like the more restrictions that WG put on matchmaking, while purposely ignoring the factor of skill, causes skill composition to skew the games more than before. My reasoning is that if you allow a wider range of options in matchmaking, then skill is simply one factor of many and the skill of players is spread out over a wider "net" of potential tanks entering a game. When you eliminate all the other factors, thereby narrowing the available pool of tanks in any game, then skill, as the only random factor remaining, becomes more critical. I find myself playing mush more aggressively lately because I find a lot of games these days coming out 15-4, whether in my favor or against. I can count on one hand how many games have been close in the past month.
  12. Don't know if I would include the TOG on that list, but yes, a super fun tank to play.
  13. If you check preivous albums from the Rewards section then you can preview the old styles...
  14. I dunno. I think Russian lights were the hardest light line for me. I am at IX or X in all the lines and they are really soft mediums--not the best scouts IMO. French are probably my favorite, although the US line is good too.
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